Removing runes from dragons

Could we please have a feature to allow us to remove runes off dragons. It is very annoying when you level up so you can no longer use a dragon which you used a good rune on and that rune is now almost worthless. I would like to suggest that we could remove them for a price (perhaps some dust or a 50 gem cost like removing gear from riders).


50 rubies is never going to happen, at best we’d get a 1500 ruby removal (for mythic) like we have on tower runes.

But even then, it would dry up their rune sales completely. Which means they’d have to introduce ever more powerful new runes to drive up sales, like they do with towers and dragons. I don’t think that’ll end up well for everyone.

Use your runes with care, and don’t use the good ones on dragons that aren’t going to stay with you for a long time.

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I agree and will always agree. If we can do it for towers let us do it for drags. Maybe it’s time for a new thread to buzz the ears of PG that it is stupid to let some runes be removed and some not. Runisim of the highest lvl right here.


Make it very expensive imo. Very
Edit: The reason being is that our bases need to be adaptable and forgiving from mistakes, where as Dragons being able to be sharing runes is broken because we don’t make mistakes with their runes .

I take it you buy a lot of runic chests

No, I do not.That is just silly to ask.

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Their TP sucks, so no. Maybe I should have asked what your definition of very expensive. very. is?

That is up to the pie s that Be. My job is only to offer advice and you know this.

Stop using your status as respected to bully me
Edit: I am sorry, I just felt at that time, that no matter what I answered, was just a set up to troll me. I understand now that I was out of line. Let’s just forget this happened.

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