Renard vs Frostbiter - who's a better clean-up dragon for Hauheset?

  • Renard
  • Frostbiter

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Tips and tricks are also welcome :blush:

Ummm they both suck… why are you asking?

They are both trash. In general that whole tier sucked when it came to linage dragons.

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You mean whoever did choose frost? If you’re sweeping after Hau anything without a one shot spell is useless.


I think it depends on what is left. If Hau left entire islands with a single crumble frost can drop a 2nd and cloak if most of the island is not sanded. If everything is sanded then Renard is better.


Renard is better imo because it has an invincibility shield applying rage marks (amongst umbral spike being a powerful oneshot to follow after Hauheset)

Both aren‘t ideal follow up dragons for Hau but then again, attacking with Hau isn‘t very practical these days anyway

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oh why, if i may ask?

I suppose that’s true now when you are Likely hitting up. Last time I used Frost or Renard they were top and in that situation I preferred hunter.

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His comment relates to the need for speed, if you compete in Atlas. In a normal war, Hauheset might still be useful under some circumstances. The issue with Hauheset could be in a war run, that you don’t kill enough to get 7 flames for the run.


I agree to 100% with your statements. Garnet was a pretty disappointing tier. Frostbiter was the best of the bunch, if you could fly a classically designed hunter. Renard as stand alone dragon was pretty useless. He could however be helpful to clean up a sanded and prepped base. I remember flyers using Hauheset and Necryx to setup a base and clean up with Renard. It took ages, but worked.


As RetiredDwarf said, most content of the game requires a dragon to be quick in killing a base. Hauheset is very slow because you rewind back and use a second and maybe even third dragon.
Sure is a lot of fun to kill some higher bases though, once you mastered the dragon

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