Repairing lost troops

Used to be you just needed gold and a spare slot to rebuild.

Now I need to also have peasants/hats.

So now rebuilding is the same as building new troops? What’s the point of that?

It’s cheaper.

Reviving allows a good number of troops to be used and reused over again until amount is insufficient, problem is it will not allow growth in overall number of troops owned in a gicen time span

We’re getting over it.
We’re just a Sapphire team that exists to build troops so that D1 teams can get glory points.
Put in something that stops higher teams that have millions of troops from taking out those that have a couple of hundred thousand. This sucks ass.

A well-coordinated team with 10x more troops than an enemy team should probably always be able to wipe out their enemy … what if the weaker team is attacking or holding valuable land? On the other hand, it does seem like we might need to limit glory payouts when the attacker is much higher level than the defender (just like farming food and wood).


Yes this will definitely discourage higher levels just taking advantage of the low levels and make them fight their own levels for better gp. Most teams that are established already are just coming in for glory not to capture the land.

Sure, Dave. Just like you should open up bronze to war attacks from D1 teams. That would be a hoot, wouldn’t it.

I’m trying to encourage players to actually play your game, who can’t see the point. Up to you, existing players are all over it. New players are getting over it.

I doubt any diamond teams would bother even if they could – the winnings would likely be zero due to the extreme difference in elos. We’re thinking about ways we can bring a similar dynamic to Atlas – in a way that fits well with Atlas. The aforementioned glory scaling is a prime candidate atm.

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