Repeatedly stuck at 90%


I’m seriously fed up of this already tedious event repeated freezing at 90% after an event run.
Someone needs to get a grip of ridiculous issues such as this, kingdom wars isn’t even a new event any more!
Why are we continuing to get stupid glitches & errors like this?


New iu update buttttt this is old news as if u used ur search function u would know they are trying to fixxx

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As per usual, you’ll get a system reply, like I do, about your device being the problem.
PG are full of shit!
I’m bored of their constant denial of any responsibility as I know it’s their servers etc
I wish you luck


Here ya go for now


Thank you for the link, @Bambam27, it seems to be a temp solution, but solution nonetheless.
@FeralRoth - you may want to open a ticket, or try the advice above.
I am closing this thread.

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