Replace crafting scrolls!

Can we do something similar for crafting scrolls as we do for the festive dragons shards?

What I’m thinking is once you have 500k (or another insane number :roll_eyes: 100k would work too) crafting shards, they stop showing up in atlas chests. It would also be nice if they have another option in the atlas lines like egg tokens or something :relaxed:

@PGGalileo any possibility? :pleading_face:


Or let people who have a lot donate them.

I had 60k and burnt through all of them crafting a dumb elite wind sword a couple months back.

Rebuilt my stack to about 30k and then burnt through 24k of it getting my second elite wind sword :man_facepalming:

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Lol I wouldn’t mind donating, or exchanging them either. But I doubt that is something that will get put in place.

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Swap for healing potions? :joy:


I completely agree with you as I’m in a similar predicament, these scrolls are worthless to me :roll_eyes:

Unless PG comes up with another way to spend these scrolls, my stash of 1.5M keeps growing, however, they have become a new definition of irrelevance to me. I find myself calling things that serve no purpose to me, a scroll.

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For me Red Rider Shards win the prize of most useless, but admittedly scrolls are a close second.
Scrolls I could at least theoretically spend, the red rider shards there is literaly nothing out there I could use them on, nor will there be any in the future. I have over 12000 of them, and I keep getting more with every season, and they have no use whatsoever.

Same goes for blue shards except I have just 700 or so of those…


That’s very true. Red rider shards are newly less useful, tho in my case I can still use them on old riders. But yes older players will be stuck with crazy amounts of red rider shards :persevere: I currently have 6,700+ red shards myself.

I have 2M+ that just sit and grow because I have no use for them. :rofl:


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