Replace one hyperinflation tier with something else for once!

Instead of pushing out tower and dragon tiers so fast that ordinary folks can’t follow along what if one of those 6 month cycles was put on pause and we got something else?

New research and forge items. End game players would able to get points for breeding eggs and we have some new and interesting buffs. Defense stuff beyond Dark Flak?

Finally fix towers. End game players could recycle those archer towers. (Look, nobody cares if its 100 to 1 exchange ratio. Just get it done!) End game players could still get Fort points.

Make Divines useful during this period. Since there wouldn’t be new tiers, PG would have incentive to make all of the sigil dragons useful and interesting unlike the past junky dragons that really are nothing more than speed bumps to the real ones. Slyphen, Jarl, Dreth, etc.

Pipedeams all of it, but I think it would be a welcome change of pace.

PS (Edited to address mythics) Whatever seasonal mythics PG wanted to publish could have evo stones for the next tier, just not usable for 3 or 6 months. PG could really focus on making the game stable and fixing so many issues during this time.


While I agree them pushing new tiers so quickly sucks and agree with most of what you say I disagree with sylphen and dreth being junky speed bump dragons. With skill they can be pretty useful and take bases decently higher. My alts dreth is at 100m attack barely in garent tier and can take bases up to 400m defense.


Fair enough. What if those first Leg dragons in the season were given a bit more love and attention early on because PG wouldn’t have to design an entire new tier? They could better than they have been in the past.

Its still a win for everyone. PG keeps their team busy, pushes out new content that encourages folks to play, players get a short break from OMG I’m falling behind faster than ever, and the whales/end game players end up with more than enough to do over the season or heck, maybe even 2 seasons if PG planed everything out quite well.

Sylphen is one of the most useful legendary dragons of the past year, maybe not the best example. And Dreth is probably the best legendary of this season (which is remarkably weak).

If we’re talking crappy legendaries, it’s more Kaiji, S&H, Scorpa, and all of the warriors…


Respectfully in disagreement with your scorpa assessment. Dragon is my strongest and can wreak havoc on bases with over 150m defence at 24m power first level of sapphire.

My kajii can take out 2.5M df bases at level 3 ( 223k atk). Just have to time his spells right.

My point isn’t to bag on a particular dragon. A new tier will contain “filler” no matter how anyone’s particular interest or skills align with an individual dragon.

How about some warrior research modifiers? A limited time branch with an exotic warrior rune? A Leg warrior that folks actually want beyond getting a key? PG could do all of that instead of a new tier with a warrior dragon few folks actually like. Am I just throwing way too much logic at this?


Undefended any divine can crush bases, defended it’s nowhere. It’ll probably do decently at low level where most bases are still terrible, but he’s dead in the water against real bases.

Same here, any divine can do that. On my harbinger-level base, empyrean Kaiji drops like a brick defended.

Conclusion is each dragon at certain tiers are better :laughing:

Not really gonna spark a debate on dragon usefulness but dreth is hardly better in that regard. I’ve had platinum dreth drop like a rock on my base defended while plat scorp (if flown with any consistency) will steamroll. Maybe it changes at higher levels but until about lvl 50 towers (garnet tier.) I know for a fact dreth does worse than any properly flown scorpa. That said hammerspam will kick both out of the park lmao.


Unless it’s a warrior, warriors just suck :joy:

Until u find archon is a beast!! Soo therefore warrior’s dont suck alot yes not all oni was great to


Right. Maybe pausing the never ending inflation cycle would give PG some time and space to think about base defense too? Hammer spam is a weak sauce mechanic! I’m sure they could improve this without major re writes.

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But then what would we build or breed? Or do you expect a huge chunk of the players to twiddle their thumbs and do nothing for 6 months?

6 legendarys are released 3 mythic one a month :thinking: sounds about right do 1 at a time idk u tell us

Umm, I suggested a big amount of research to be added. Breed lots and lots of eggs for points? Buff your existing dragons and towers with fun new modifiers?

Recycling towers to deal with fort. Who here thinks they have the most optimal base and tower setup already with every slot filled? LJ, Harv? So what. 2 players out of 58K won’t have much to do for fort? Everyone else would be VERY busy.

What else did I miss?

PS Change the forge and research towers to give REAL XP as part of this suggestion. Folks who need event points for Fort can get them this way as well as other towers.

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I don’t know if inflation is the correct word here. But the real problem for tier addition is the catch up for the ones not at endgame. I did a plan of fort+breed months ago (before level 85 towers were released) and albeit breeding gets challenging sometimes (400k tokens at certain points), is not terribly bad because there is a way to grind tokens. What gets really difficult is fortification, because of timers. Add a way to grind timers Iike with eggs, continue to do discount at N-2 (I would prefer starting N-1) and the problem will be partially if not completely resolved


Every dragon has some use at some point …for some player :man_shrugging:
So results may vary :crazy_face:

That aside I’d suggest pg really start looking at
the longest neglected areas of the game!
“Year of the player “ :point_left::man_shrugging:
It’s a decent place to start looking at how
to balance this mess! :crazy_face:

Forge: simply expand it.
Research hut: total rework from ground up.
Chest hunt phase: increase drop slightly to encourage participation.
Event chest drop: increase gold drops a teeny tiny bit.
Silver chest drop composition: total re work of composition.

I don’t really think new dragon tiers are the problem🤔its catching up and staying relevant that have become impossible because the above mechanics have not been updated in a long …long time!
Fix one of the above :point_up_2: …just one​:smiling_imp: … I dare you :smiling_imp:


One problem with this is this delays “power growth” for seasonal dragons.
If there is no dragon released in a season, then the seasonal dragons will have the same power level as the previous one.

I think very rapid and never ending tiers IS a problem. Are we just waiting for the headline: “PG shuts down popular War Dragons game as players reached level 2,147,483,647 and couldn’t go any higher due to integer overflow!”

Not once has PG EVER deployed a “catch up” mechanism that folks keep mentioning. Simple tier cost reductions is NOT a catch up if most of the serious players can out pace the reductions and not take advantage of them and yet STILL never get close to “end game.”

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