Replace rider reward gear from season branch with useful items!

Exactly as it says on the tin.
The gear given on season rewards is nothing more than a pointless waste of sigils.
Get rid & replace with some more useable items like chests, elemental embers, egg tokens, timers. Pretty much anything is more useful that crappy gear you can’t upgrade.

(This has probably been suggested before, but this change is needed)


Not everyone has Atlas…

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That, is an entirely different thing for them to resolve…

You can upgrade it if you have atlas

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Not the gear from the rider branch you can’t. Unless things have changed this season.
And frankly upgrading rare is still pointless.

You must’ve been gone a while lol, you can if you have atlas and it’s epic now, not rare

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No. They ruined a good thing for no benefit to the players. They should go back to the old system.

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Not at all … this was a money grab simply put lol… pretty smart actually… surprised they havnt done this sooner… not surprised though… I wouldnt be looking for this to ever change I’d say… not happy about it myself either.

Give it time… everyone will eventually… probably sooner then later I’d say…

At the rate Atlas is being released…later seems more likely.

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