Replace Water Dragon with a master evolve stone

Someone had the idea of an evolve stone that’s either really rare or hard to earn, which could be used to level up any devine dragon that was past its season. That got me thinking (which is rare and dangerous) about the suggestions that I’ve seen to replace the water dragon. That thing is only useful to players under 50… kind of. What if, instead, there was a stone that was earned after, say 500 or 1000 kills. That would be a lot more motivating to play defense.

Yep, here it is for this week :rofl::rofl::rofl: @moderators


Evolve stone or water dragon? If it’s a regular suggestion maybe the whole community is tired of it.

Any kind of evolve stone past, present or future is taboo in the forums. Im being nice here, wait till the others find out about your post regarding an “evolve stone”. Please make use of the search function next time. @moderators @ModMat please :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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No man, they are just overreacting and thereby adding to the big ‘NO’. There’s no real reason to not rework past dragons and to not release stones, let them smother in their nostalgia, we’re going to run out of new players at some point but who cares.


@moderators Any opinion?


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And why are you entitled to past dragons, most of which are outdated/outclassed by current tiers? PG gives hard deadlines for these seasonal dragons and their evo stones. PERIOD. Many players worked their butts off to finish a dragon in the allotted time frame, to re-release said stones is a slap to the face.


Nobody is speaking about entitlement. This could, potentially benefit everyone. You or I don’t get anything more or less than anyone else, so why speak about entitlement?

Furthermore, this specific suggestion was about evolution stones, I took it’s meaning to be evolution stones from dragons you already have. So even IF you were justified in feeling that your ‘elderly status’ was under attack because you get to have dragons nobody else has, this suggestion wasn’t even going to touch that special feeling. But you’re not justified, seniority should not be a merit in any part of life. Just because you survive/exist/play longer you have a bigger right to things?

And no, it kinda is not. There are 105 divine dragons out in the game right at this moment. What the shit do you care if some other player works his ass off month after month to grind stones at a pace that is way slower than how you got your stones? It’s petty, it’s selfish, and frankly it’s one of the reasons this game is increasingly incapable of attracting new players.

Let’s assume you’re correct then

PG releases universal stone
But that is unfair to the one focusing on maxing one dragons instead of getting all dragons…

PG releases old dragons
But that means there is no point in doing well in seasons, since you can get the dragon anyway…

No real benefit in pushing, no spending.


Flawed logic.

PG releases universal stone
People focusing on all dragons can’t get all stones. Or did you miss the super duper hard part of obtaining just 1 universal stone? So they have all dragons, but can’t use any of them. I don’t think there’ll be many players doing that. Let’s say that if you do the super duper hard thing you get 2 universal stones per season. That means it would take 1.5 year of super duper hard work to get a single dragon from red to Obsidian. Who. The. Chicken. Cares. Except ofcourse for the 95% of players that weren’t around when Wardragons was still called Dragonbase (just a joke, calm your tits) and can fly something more interesting than Haku now.

PG releases old dragons
Yeah no, getting seasonal dragons is easy, anyone can do that. All you have to do is be present and play the game at like 20% and you’re guaranteed to have enough sigils to get at least 1 seasonal dragon. If you don’t do well at season, you don’t get to have dragons at your level, because even at 2 stones per season (which is quite a lot in my opinion), getting a dragon to your level is going to take friggin ages compared to just getting all stones from a seasonal line.

There’s a third option. The one mentioned in this suggestion actually. You could do the super duper hard thing and get a universal stone that you can apply to a dragon you already have. That way the oldies don’t get offended because someone new is flying an old dragon, and they themselves get to update their old dragons to the later tiers (not all of them, just the ones you like).

Funny how you assume I’m an old player. I’ve been playing this game less than 2 years. :joy: But anywho, it is completely selfish to ask for universal evolution stones. Why? Because there are people who worked their a$$ off to get them when they were available. Just because you can’t finish a line during a 3 month time period does not mean you should get an extension. To imply you should, is having a sense of entitlement. You want different dragons? Guess what, a new season will be starting in approximately 2 months. Plan accordingly.


@Shannalotte 2 years is pretty old compared to the average player. Also, explain the difference between working ‘hard’ in the past (come on, getting a specific dragon isn’t actually hard, get a grip, you just need to be there and play the game), and working ‘very hard’ in the present? Does your hard work count for more because we weren’t around back then? Or does it count more because it allows you to keep something others don’t have. Something you’re hardly using by the way, I never get attacked by interesting dragons, it’s always just the last 3 seasons most used, frigging boring. I want a Phweemp to destroy my base god darnit.

Also, how come people treat ‘if you can’t get it in a 3 month period you don’t deserve it’ as an actual argument. We weren’t there, we didn’t play the game back then, how is this an argument for not reintroducing old dragons? So much beautiful content going to waste.

A couple of things:

  1. If getting a specific dragon is not hard, then why do you need universal evolution stones for them? :thinking:
  2. I said I’ve been playing less than 2 yrs (started Oct. 2017)
  3. You do realize you can still get Phweemp, right? Also, unless you’re platinum or below, you probably wouldn’t be hit by him anyway
  1. It’s hard to stay polite. This is not a challenging concept. If there is a dragon at moment A, and you start playing at moment A you can get the dragon at moment A. If there’s a dragon at moment A, but you start playing at moment B, you can not get the dragon at moment A. It’s called the passing of time. Now we can’t change that, it’s a law of nature, but we can change the idea of Dragon A only being available at moment A. That is what we’re discussing here.

  2. Alrighty, that’s still longer than the average player. Where lies the strength of this argument exactly?

  3. You are right, that is a bad example. Humor me and think of a random divine dragon that came out before you started playing and that you think looks nice.

So this will just benefit a few players? And for outdated dragons?

Let’s also think about the effort/ spenditure players had to get these… they have been playing longer to see others collect all they have for less?

Now if the prize was to be research eggs wouldn’t I be happy :star_struck:

  1. You’re right it is hard to stay polite. If you don’t make it to the store for a sale, do you go complaining to the store manager about how you should get items at the sale price? There will always be more dragons until the day the game dies. Figure out what you like, what you want in a season. And PLAN. I say this has someone who has Necryx stuck at gold and anuba stuck at green. Do I deserve to be able to evolve them further. No, because I did not get their stones i the season they were available. That’s the way it goes.
  2. Almost all the players I have seen have been playing longer than me.
  3. There’s a nifty invention called youtube where you can see previous divines in all their glory. I’m sure if you asked an older player to nicely, they might show you. But let the older dragons enjoy retirement.

Let’s go:

  1. No this does not benefit a few players. This would benefit any player if they happen to be interested in flying older dragons. (Almost) nobody has all dragons, so theoretically everyone could have something they could work for. If they wanted it ofcourse. You also could use your universal evolution stone to skip 2 rows of this seasons dragon, but why would you?

  2. Yes, that effort/spenditure is very important. That’s why it should be really hard to get these stones. Not even just as hard as it was to get the original stones. Way fcking harder because you can use them on all dragons. More people putting in effort, while you are capable of putting in the same effort, does not diminish any of your past efforts does it?

  3. Yeah, playing longer. Exactly the point. The sheer fact that they have played the game longer is not meritable. There are tons of players who still can’t fly a hunter after years of playing this game. There’s plenty of old players not using Atlas. Being old isn’t a merit, it never was, it never will be, and it shouldn’t be.

  1. Yes it does. It doesn’t benefit those who have chosen to max a dragon or two a season.

  2. What would be the requirements for said stone? 1000 successful defenses? Okay, here comes the lvl 20 alt flying on the lvl 200 base.

  3. Maybe there’s a reason you’re not seeing past divines? Like, I don’t know, game mechanics changing.

Anywho, this is a dead and rotting horse corpse that needs to be buried. PG jas said no, multiple times, so deal with it.

  1. That’s the way it goes. And we can change that way. Everything changes all the time. This game has changed in so many ways in the 1.5 years that you are playing it. But this is set in stone, just cause? Not good enough. The analogy of the store doesn’t hold up. Nobody is asking for a sale price, pretty much all suggestions on evolution stones are agreeing that they should be harder to obtain than stones during the season.

  2. Just think for a second, how many players were playing Wardragons 4 years ago. How many players were playing it 3 years ago, how many are playing it 2 years ago, how many players are playing it now? How likely is it that most people that play this game have started 2 or more years ago? Yeah, not so likely. Just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  3. Why? Still haven’t heard an argument other than the natural fallacy of ‘this is how we always did it’.

Hold up, don’t go interfering with conversations with other people please that will obfuscate this even further. I already replied to the specific points you made. No reason to start defending someone else’s points.

Give me a moment to react and then you can react to the total ok?

  1. Why? They can also get new (old) dragons at the exact same pace as the rest of the players. Also literally every player that plays more than 2 weeks knows that it’s best to max your dragons in a given season. Everyone does that, it’s not an argument.

  2. I don’t know, that’s a great topic for discussion. I personally do not find the original suggestion in this thread hard enough. But I’m sure we can make up some stuff. What would you find a worthy requirement for a universal evolution stone?

  3. Well yes, partly. But most of them just get outdated because the owner has passed beyond the last stone. I know plenty of people who would be flying older dragons they had to bank because they passed that level. Always painful to bank a dragon you like isn’t it? We could avoid all that, just takes a little bit of dedication and a sprinkle of good will.

Taking an answer for the absolute truth without questioning the reasons behind it doesn’t usually lead to nice places. I’ll pass, but thank you for the suggestion.