Replace Water Dragon with Seasonal Mythics

I have a suggestion and I do not know if this or something similar was already discussed here before. Apologies if it was.

We have a Shrine in the game which can summon the water dragon when we can successfully defend down 20 dragons. I believe this is not currently working as I have been stuck at 7/20 for over a year now. The Water Dragon is not all that useful except for new players. I believe that is why I haven’t seen any thread on getting the summon fixed.

My suggestion is to replace the Water Dragon with the Seasonal Mythics from which the player can choose to summon one. This allows the player the first hand experience of flying the Mythics before actually getting them. And in addition, more players will get into defending which will make the game more engaging.

What do you all think?

Welcome to the forums. If you use the search function you will see that this has been suggested dozens of times. It will never happen again

Firstly they cant. They literally cant. Ryu is so interwoven into the game’s code that he will basically take half of the game down with him. He is literally the God of War Dragons. They’ve tried before and it was a mess. The number one rule of war Dragons is DO NOT TOUCH RYU. Just ignore him and pretend he doesnt exist.

Secondly the one time that they did replace Ryu with a mythic it caused a lot of glitches. Some people still have the shrine Namaka.

We’d all like for it to happen and get to test fly mythics but it never will



Only active defenses in the main game part count towards this counter. No atlas runs, no event runs. And there has to be at least one person joining the defense.

Ryuu is spelled with two "u"s. How dare you :upside_down_face:
That aside, Im still convinced that by just changing the data files he could be replaced. For example you could just change the contents of the file for him and give him different spells or make him a hunter without actually touching any code. There is also a file that lists out 999 “reward identifiers” (that most likely boil down to the level the player was when the shrine hit 20) that basically says “level x Ryuu” for each of them

I would love to prove it but somehow I doubt PG would let me have a test account where I could put whatever I want as its data files

I agree that messing with the code for the shrine isnt a good idea but from what I can see it should be possible to change the number of defenses, number of flights with the dragon and the dragon itself and its level without doing that

I mean yeah. If I get Ryuu and dont use him Ill still have him too until either PG remove him from my account or I use him

Pretty sure saying “they cant” every time someone brings it up isnt exactly helping to make it happen

You can see how long it has been since I’ve summoned him :crazy_face:

PG supposedly did remove the shrine Namakas from people’s accounts and failed at it.

People continuing to bring it up when PG themselves have said they’re not going to do it again isnt really accomplishing anything. Especially when it has been brought up repeatedly before. It’s right up there with rainbow evolution stones.

This game has more than enough glitches as it is. We dont need to start pulling from the bottom of this house of cards just for the hell of it.


All PG says are subject to change. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Going by that logic nothing new could ever be added since it might produce some Glitches.

As I said, pretty sure it could be done without touching the games code at all.
Besides, PG has also said that there would never be old dragons brought back. And the rainbow evo stones thing was kind of there for a while with Hueso

I think they should replace Ryuu with seasonal mythics so we can test drive the dragons before we buy them.

As far as “it breaks the game”, yeah, I was over that nonsensical laziness the moment they brought back old divines and allowed them to be brought up to current levels, even though not the current meta. And old riders. And all the other stuff PG has said in the past that they would never ever do and then cleansed the forums of all mentions to the contrary once they did it anyway.

Tl;dr just do it.


Why would they fix/test anything we have had a season of no working mythic a shambles of atlas and like 10k diamonds and a few badges are seen as something super. It’s pixels and pixels we don’t even own they are giving their accounts that we borrow more pixels and if you read some posts it’s like we got the moon.

If the previous season was a single cell organism I’d take it back for being a cell short…

That’s not the same in the slightest

Well feel free to tell them how to do it or offer your services to them as a contractor/consultant. Because apparently they dont know how and have failed repeatedly in the past

Personally I think last season is a pretty good indicator that they cant pull something like this off.

Again, totally different situations. One being a promise to players they were willing to break to sell outdated nostalgia. The other being something they literally cant figure out how to do and have said this is not worth the resources it would require to do. Same reason they wouldnt fix Sepulla. The costs dont justify what would be gained (for them)

Not really. The shard system was for specific dragons that were designed to keep leveling using a crap ton of the new chests. And since then it has been changed. Rainbow evolution stones that would work on any dragon because you missed their old stones is totally different.


I like Ryu better :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yes don’t touch Ryuu though anything messed with within it’s old coding could effect the whole game if they even added anything into both it’s binary numbers, text files, and models will cause major bugs I’m not sure if it can even be replaced anymore.

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