Replay/view my own attacks

I know i can replay an attack when my base has been attacked, but how do i replay my own attacks of someone else after ive completed them? This pertains to bases i havent bookmarked beforehand.

I believe it’s not available as for current version.
Try using recording app instead

What kind of recording app?

i know that the latest version of iOS has a screen recording thing built in. Here is a link on how to use it-
i do not know of any legitimate apps on the app store or the google play store that are screen recorders. chinese screen recorders are a thing, but be careful.

For Android:

Go into settings, set shareable replays. See pics (sorry may not be in order)

I dont have that share option. why?
I dont have the black dragon sitting behind the builder and the whale is now missing too.

Not sure about the first issue, but the black dragon on the base only appears when you have the highest graphics settings turned on. :t_rex:

That also doesnt work for me

Do you use Android?

yes, i am

android doesn’t have share option. Apple makes it mandatory so its available in iOS.

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there should be a screen recording option

there are also some screen recording apps in playstore, in case the built in app isn’t available in your device.

I used native Google Play cam. However, I can’t use the audio, since it uses microphone (and I’m shy :sweat_smile:)

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