Replying to system emails crashes App


After update,Whenever I try to reply to a system email it hangs the game then completely shuts the game down


Why would you reply to a system message?


I didn’t mean to. Do you just wait to send snarky responses to people who make a mistake?? I’d delete it if I could figure out how. Have at it if you can


Haha didn’t mean to be snarky. You said “whenever” and i took that to mean you have done it multiple times. I was just trying to figure out why you kept trying.

As for deleting them. Click on the square to the right of the message. that sill select it. Then push the button on the top that say “delete selected”.


Yeah. I like to say Thank you to people for sending me resources🤷‍♀️


he means replying to a rss transfer.

if you reply to a player that sent you a rss transfer, you will experience a crash


Oh gotcha. I misunderstood. I thought you meant announcement type system mails (like atlas ones and event announcement ones) My Bad.


Replying to an applicant is also an instance of replying to a system message. The work around is clicking on the “i” and starting a new email chain, but it definitely crashes if one replies directly.

Update has deleted my inbox and sent mail

Drawing PG’s attention: @PGJared @Arelyna and @PGMichael


This is weird. We’ll look into it.


Aaahh…found this post again.

Ditto - happening on Android and iOS devices.


This should now be fixed. Please be aware that old system messages will still have this bug; it’s just fixed going forward.

Reply to rss recieved

Is this the final fix for it or just temporary? Now we can’t even press the (i) button or send rss back from the system mail:

Vs what we have now


Honestly I didn’t like receiving thanks for resources sent because I sent resources away several times a day and I prefer to receive a meaningful message in my inbox, like a team message or a message from friends rather than a XXXth ‘thank you for resources’… My personal opinion which only includes myself, probably.


Same way, but on a practical application, being able to send rss from the system screen is great for bouncing rss for fort or feed, especially when you have a lot going on in the main chat


Agreed we could keep the resources icon, it may come in handy.


I’ll look into this. I wasn’t aware those buttons were being removed.

Who thought that it would be a good idea to

@PGJared The mails have a sent from of system instead of being tagged to the teammate, as it was before this week’s patch.


Okay, now it’s being sent to our inbox:

Resource Received Mail
Mail box issue fix please

Officers are also recieving team applications in the regulaer inbox as well.