🤔 reported and nothing done about it

Now I have reported this guy and sent him mail to keep track of him. He’s changed his name 4 times this week. Here’s the screen shot. Judge for yourself. A level 130 shouldn’t have access to garnet tiers. This is the same guy with a different name.

And yes I’m mad and witch hunting. I play this game fairly and pay like everyone else. This guy can eat a pickled egg.

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:woman_facepalming: or PM Arelyna (sorry)


:rofl::rofl::rofl:. I’ve never ate a pickled egg before but it might be good. Never tried pickled pig’s feet either. :eyes:

:point_up_2: notice the title?

Thanks science

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Tagging @Arelyna to look into this.

This is the same cheater that SuperMALAKA reported. Watch out, he might farm you.

By all means I hope he does. I hope he likes the taste of my “pickled egg”.

What does that mean? Does the pickled egg mean something other than a pickled egg?

Yea pg wants me to adjust my responses accordingly and make them family friendly. So I can’t use the words I want to use🤣


@ModMat @TheRedDelilah @Psarus I think this belongs in general discussion…

Does the egg plant emoji actually mean egg plant? :joy:

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I thought it did until I started playing War Dragons :see_no_evil:

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Yes Sam :rofl: the eggplant emoji means egg plant and a pickled egg is just a pickled egg.


I can look into it again, but forScience is correct that I prefer cheaters be reported to me via PMs.

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What happened the first time you looked into it?

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