Reporting Players

Hey folks,

When reporting something someone says in chat, please use the report function. We can’t just go off a screenshot for a number of reasons. Hit that button and it flags it on our logs for review.


But can we be sure you don’t lose these logs magically? (I know Screenshots arent really valid as there are many ways to trick em, but I dont know a game where these reports had any use, neither here yet)

You can still screenshot the chat if you like another proof for your own comfort but what PGJared is implying is that they can do more with a bad behaviour report through the report button ingame.

Why so much mistrust (pardon me if it’s not the case) if PGJared took the time to create and pin this post? You can still use both report and screenshots, but official report will be more efficient and screenshot can only provide a visual support for others.

(I’m glad that the reason I usually screenshot is for fun or useful comments in LC…)

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Yeah, I can pretty much promise we don’t lose those logs magically. If a log-wizard comes into the office I’ll fight them myself to keep our logs safe.

As for chat reports having an impact, I’ve personally banned over 100 accounts in the last year due to chat reports. Some bans have been temporary, but I’d say that’s still a pretty good number. We definitely need to focus more on chat reports, and that’s something I’m trying to get bandwidth for, but reporting doesn’t just go missing.


Can confirm no log-wizards have made it past our defenses. :shield:


Normal. You have Dragons guarding your offices :joy::joy::joy:

But then… what’s this?!



Yup log wizard

It’s better than bad.
It’s good.


Poor thing we should abridge its suffering…

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I used to be bad but I’m trying to learn how to make friends in this game. It’s being hard cause not everyone likes me but I try my best to be nice. I hope people understand me because I’m like really young but sometimes I’m treated reallllly badly because of my age.

Why would someone treat you bad due to your age? How old are you love?

I’m 13. They always talk to me like I’m an inferior being and they’re waaaaaay above me. They crush my dreams :broken_heart:

100 bans over some words in LC? But you guys don’t ban Cheaters with insane hacks that give them an extreme advantage & ruin any chance at fair play? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m totally joking I had to say it :joy: I really do believe you guys eventually make things right & doing your best :+1: :grin:

I enjoy the game! :grin: Keep up the good work!

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I assume chat reports about players admitting the use of hacks or real life threats?
Because as far as I know heavily insulting other players isn’t a bannable offense in the game or did this change?

Depends on whether it moves into the realm of harassment or not.

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I was accused of being a child predator in order to get long time friends to kick me from a team. Not only is that harassment its slander. That kind of thing has long reaching real world repercussions. And i am of the mind to start on a legal course of action to put a stop to it

What’s league?

Does anyone have a video of what airplane mode looks like? Had a team member get attacked, killed the dragon, but then the dragon went invisible and cleared his base. @PGCrisis, @PGJared
Apologies if this is in the wrong topic, but seen report player and went with it😆