Repurposing the assault event as a campaign?

@PGJared tl;dr : Repurpose Assault as a PvE Challenge + Narrative, levels unlock as a player progresses

Un-fancy long version, pretend it’s scribbled on a large napkin -

There’ve been a few other topics on asking about if the Assault mini-event will come back. If there aren’t plans for it to come back, is there any chance it could be implemented as some sort of campaign mode that’s no longer directly tied to separate event timing (as in, always available or run in parallel with minor events)?

I guess it’d take quite a bit of effort to detangle it from how it’s tied into events and uses energy. Despite that, the War Dragons tutorial starts off as if it’s a PvE game with a story, but it ultimately just becomes attacking other players’ bases sans storyline.

Bribe some of the Episode narrative writers to build a plotline around it? There’s been some dabbling in the Lore tab of events, but it’s stopped for months? (And the most recent one has dragon names typoed/old internal names - Spinerak and such.)

Unlocking Tiers
Unlock tiers of Assault to base level and/or dragon tiers (as in red through obsidian). It seemed like one of the more common complaints were people expecting to finish all of Assault at low levels, so that’d make it more obvious that they’re meant to progress through the game before attempting challenges.

Maybe there’s a set limit daily on how many attempts you can make; if it has to be monetized, pay for more attempts/“lives” - not a new concept there.

I like the idea of having a regular mode (just complete) and challenge mode (Annihilation). It’d also be interesting to have another where no add-ons could be used (no attack/hp boost or spells - or no spell add-ons at the very least). I won’t comment too much about actual prizing, though higher tiers should have prizing more relevant to those levels (tokens and timers, while much lower levels might need more boosts). As an added incentive to progress, add a daily raid option to pull prizes from the highest achieved tier, so that people who are stuck can still get something out of it.

And then for people who like bragging rights, a leaderboard for the different modes, whether it gains additional rewards or not. I guess that some people might be salty over it, but /shrug.


Love it :+1:t2:

I like this. Would give us something to do between events if it was up constantly. Or when we have spent all our tokens/speedups etc

That sounds like fun!

I like the idea a lot!

I hope they make this happen :heart_eyes:

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I would love to see the elimination of the treasure hunt phase, and add assault to the end of every PvP. Treasure hunt is a waste of a day

I would die if there was an event every day of the week… Dragons also need their “vacation days”.

@ErrandWolfe No, we need treasure hunt, it’s not a waste of a day, it’s a time to hoard chests without being harassed by attacks or defence from PvP event, without bonus timer to stress you out and do your next attack before it run out… It’s a preparation for the incoming event too, without it you wouldn’t be able to get chests without losing time for points in event :wink:

The drop rate during treasure hunt vs. event is not on par. And there is only one event left with an active bonus meter. Makes more sense to me to have an assault event that actually pays out rewards than a treasure hunt phase that is lacking in chests to begin with

I don’t believe in vacation days from war dragons

Well I need a breather in-between events, especially after pvp event. Those stress me out…

If it were to be a campaign, it’d be around long term on the side, which War Dragons didn’t really have before Atlas. For the most part, I just want to see Assault back, because I was looking forward to flying Hauheset through it, though it’s been retired for the most part now :joy:

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