Request: Evolution stones from previous seasons

I have a request… but not the one that made your blood pressure rise :rofl:

Would it be possible to block this topic or combination of words?

I would assume somewhere in the discourse backend you can setup some “words” or “watchlist” words that get blocked - aka I can’t make a topic that contains half the swear-words in the dictionary in the title (I think? didn’t try :P)

Or perhaps, reroute said poster onto a FAQ section or something?

This post is made in the interest of PG’s bottom line - no I’m serious. At this rate we will probably start losing 2-3 long time players a week due to brain aneurysms and strokes.

Seriously though, it might be time to implement @RedRaidingHood 's forum structuring proposal - so that players that have a 2-3 minute read time need to be directed into a “new to forum” section of forum, with lots of FAQ’s that have to be read first.

Ps. I still think I want to put Spooky’s reply in my footnote.


Seriously though

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You just made my blood pressure skyrocket! :joy::joy:Like the actual topic though!

Like the support function that returns links to possibly related posts based on key words once you write up a new case ticket and then makes you choose “I need more help” if they don’t answer your question. :slight_smile:

I was hovering above close and silence the account when I saw evolution stones again…


see topic > :unamused: > see Gox > assume griefing us :rofl:

Just shunt all <5 min read time topics into a new user forum, and the mods can move them out or leave them there. We don’t cause enough trouble for them anyway. :smiling_imp:

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Just make it auto quote the below in an automated reply:


You got me on that one… I was about to jump at your throat, you really caught my attention :laughing:

I know there’s a way in the forum profile preferences to block certain categories or tags on the forum from appearing in your “new” threads (in my case Atlas and recruitment) so I think it might be possible to block those keywords… Just might.

I think it may actually be more helpful to implement the script that suggest reading an older topic when posting a thread that has similar content. I’ve seen it on a few forums…
eg: Wants to post about evolution stones from previous season; automatic prompt “is your thread similar to these older ones? List A, B, C”

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Please, for the love of god, make this happen!

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This already exists here - just that no one bothers to read and see…

Welps, that’s what I get for going on vacation for a few weeks and being out of the loop. That’s new… at least to my knowledge. LOL.

I’ve been on the new forums for 45d, apparently :scream:, and it’s been there since the beginning. I guess that it might not be there when used in-game/in mobile browsers, though? It’s extremely hard to miss when being used on a desktop/laptop browser, as it’ll block the text input area at first.

Can’t save the lazy, though :woman_shrugging:

Good point - I just checked and suggested posts don’t show on mobile. Oh well…

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Suggested posts did show on my smartphone, mobile version of the forum in chrome browser. I didn’t try ingame tho.

They appear in game as well

When I first saw this post


I guess PG could decide to take it a step further… and save the post temporarily and then force them to click/read those topics prior to posting and confirming that it’s a different thread by prompting “The thread I intend to post is different from the ones suggested to be similar”
It’s ridiculously passive aggressive, but it’s an extra step to go through. :]

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