Request for someone smarter than me to help

Can we get a super smarty player to make a poll for PG to learn what events are ready for retirement?

I’m much better at complaining than proving my point, and far too off the ADD deep end to make the poll in it’s entirety.

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Use the poll option in the picture below and list all of the events in it. Maybe a poll for most popular and a separate one for least popular?

They’ve already stated that the forums are only a small portion of the population and polls don’t really help them.

Then why don’t they find a way to encourage more players to visit the forums? :thinking: Properly worded unbiased polls can be an excellent source of feedback. If they need a bigger sample size, they should get more players on here to vote.

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not until 75% of the playerbase would bother to access forum, they would listen to it. Why 75? not everyone would agree to you so chances are, 25% or more would be the opposing side.

Even to other games, I rarely see a lot of people actually using the forum.

Even if they encourage people to use the forum, you’ll most likely get “I dont care about the forum, don’t encourage me to use it. Even if the information is there, I won’t check it.”

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Polls never include everyone. They are just a sample of the population, so if some people don’t want to use it, then they lose their voice and opinion. But people don’t even know how to contact the help desk, so they probably don’t know about the forums.

Also, not everyone who finds out about the forums is going to decline to use it. It should help increase the feedback PG gets in posts and polls.

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