Request for suggestions / comments for my base setup

Since next week is Fortification Event, I would like to seek your suggestions regarding my current base layout and ways to improve it.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Thank you in advance.

Quick q, why do you keep 5 flaks?


I just upgrade the 3 flaks in my kill island. The 2 remaining ice and dark flaks from previous mistakes of base building which I just place there.

Have extra eggs for hut?

Solid kill island, on the first island put the ice turret where the fire turret is, a red and blue mage where the lightning towers are, and a storm on the last empty spot. Merge the rest of the towers and for the ones that you can’t keep them for rage drain. I suggest you use a calculator such as this to save the most resources:

Yes I do have extra eggs for the hut. Thank you

Thank you for your inputs. Will take note and apply it. I will also try to use the merge calculator.

Again, thank you.

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I’ve done a few base merges for others, and I’ve found flaks are incredibly inefficient for merge and transforms. Rather than set people too far back (esp as most of my team is F2P and E2P), my advice was just to leave them alone.

What runes do you have on those islands?
What is your perch dragon?
Does it have a rider?
What gear do you have for your perch dragon?

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