Request for Temple Raid system message: Congratulations Earth Guardians opened by XYZIdiot

A bit like a conquer message, can we have an announcement when someone finishes the 100% checkpoint and triggers Guardians opened?

Congratulations (Element) Guardians opened by XYZIdiot.

Failing that, please give us an event log that we can read / download, but in all honestly, its only this action above that matters.

Without this its impossible to find out who’s not bothering to read team emails/ messages without going all Spanish Inquisition on everyone which I have no desire to do.

Thank you.


Naming and shaming a player for opening a temple off schedule will only create more animosity towards said player.

Possibly a better request would be to allow officers to open temples once the guardians have hit 100%, but this more than likely isn’t something the developers would want to support. It would also have it’s own problems (eg what happens if no officer is able to come online and the storm passes over when a temple isn’t open).


This is not a call out. It is an example of what the message can say when the island has been opened and available .

XYZidiot is a fake name like John a sigh

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Maybe it doesn’t need the player name. Just the message, like when the pvp island gets destroyed in gauntlet.

The message itself is fine but with the name…thats just a callout that will 1000% lead to toxicity. A notification is enough

You have problems with idiots? :frowning:


In game action reports with player names is already a thing. This is just adding to an existing function.

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sometimes a gentle call out is needed especially if it ruins teamwork :sparkles::eyes::sparkles:


Event log would be nice, then you can see who is hitting off target too.

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Modern ones are fine :wink:

You see when a player misses a war. You see when a player is not farming gold, not killing troops. How is this different?
This IS a team game. If a player wants to play solo, then they can. Just not on my team.

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It’s not naming and shaming if its used to educate in the first instance.

How many ways can we share the information that islands will be opened as w, x, y, and z times a day so all time zones are covered and completion by maximum players is enabled.
What are our tools to use if someone is not getting the message and messing it up for 49 others?
What i want to know is who I need to pull aside and have a chat with.

What i have also learned that a former player used to do it deliberately. Like WTF. If we had known maybe we would have parted ways sooner.

As I said in the response above, we see the name of who missed Wars, who’s not farming gold, who’s not killing troops, who’s got no troops, who’s not building troops. We also see who’s missing quests. Why is the question of who opened guardians any different? This IS a team game. Events are TEAM events.


I prefer the mail to team, that is auto-generated, to read " (elements) guardians open. You have xx hour XXX mins to do them"

And a further auto-generated mail to those who haven’t done them "why haven’t you do the gaurdians? You have XXX mins to do them "

Lastly a last auto generated mail to say “your team has open 35 guardians, you done 5 of them” or a mail to whole team list down all the guardians each team member has done ". Name and shame within the team for those who contributed whole heartedly and those who can’t be bothered to.

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I’m just tryna sleep man

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And missed out 80% of the total guardians team has opened??

It’s normal to miss 2-5. Not miss all most of them

Do you really think I was calling this a call out thread?


If it’s not then you may want to look at your wording because that’s what it reads like.

It was clearly about players opening a temple, not the thread itself.


Well that’s kinda rude don’t you think you could have said it in a nicer way like saying opened by X player or Awesome Player?

and before everyone tries to attack someone for pointing out the obvious how this person worded a suggestion is kinda rude if you ask me. I know it’s a fake name but it’s like calling a teammate an idiot. Would be nice to have a Guardians opened message though cause all players do these days is @ the group and type in “Guardians opened on so and so Island”

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It’s to make the point. Of course it would be the real players name, that is also the point. Not all players have line, no all players speak English well enough to translate team plan emails. If we know who is not understanding we can work on making sure our communication matches their needs.
However, as also stated above, I’ve had a case of deliberate sabotage in the past. The announcement would mean they couldn’t get away with it.