Request: I love the new pop-ups/banners minus the placement of the X

PG, thank you so much for fixing the pop-ups/banners! It was annoying only seeing if it was an attack or defense and not being able to join if we didn’t have a healed dragon or enough food.

So I love:

  • Seeing more details in the pop-up/banner!
  • Colors seem to be better (haven’t noticed with war yet).
  • The icons are helpful
  • Being able to minimize it, heal a dragon or collect food, and then still join the attack is very nice!
  • It’s nice to be able to get the pop-up banner out of the way by pressing the X.

However, I don’t like the placement of the X when it is just the little bar at the top of the screen. For my iPad, it is over top of the Group Chat tab, so I’ve accidentally clicked the X. I’ve also heard other people say that they have done the same.

Request: please move the X farther to the right, so we don’t accidentally click it. That at least seems like a good solution for my iPad. Not sure about other devices.

Thanks! I was trying to find that post! I still think it would be good to not just shrink it but move it over. I think placement is a problem as well as size.

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