Requests, fan dragon ideas, etc


since I’ve been running out of inspiration lately, I’ll be taking requests and ideas. Tell me what dragon you would want me to draw or an idea for one and I could illustrate on it. Also dump your ideas here, because why not? People each have different ideas and a lot of people have the most incredible and original dragon ideas. I’d love to hear them, and I’m sure other people would too.


Kinnaraku being ridden by hippies in a meadow of daisies. I CHALLENGE YOU!


I’d love to see some art of Anapa. Even though its spell set is… less than ideal, from what I’ve heard… I do love its design a lot.


Dragonfly… cause we need more bug dragons.


Or one with Hercules Beetle horn. Only 2 kinds of bug dragons in WD, and I hate Elixis… (Jura’s look is okay for me)


Jura scares the sh!t out of me. I hate bugs so much, especially when they’ve got more than four legs. I named my Jura “AAAAAAAAAAAA” because I feel like screaming whenever I see it.


amazing idea!


I love bugs. Jura looks like a Hawaiian garden spider.


also a great idea!


I was thinking of the concept.


Its design is amazing. I was actually planning to draw it in the future.


It is a pretty unique dragon, but I still wanna squish it with a giant flyswatter :joy:


I thought abraxxas was the most beautiful dragon. I’d love to see something fresh with him even though he all bark and no bite.

As for something fresh and spunky…I’d love to see some kind of Phoenix dragon. Maybe I’ve missed it… but a beautiful red orange Phoenix whose wings look dipped in liquid gold and has a mane of fire.


That dragon idea sounds SUPER cool! PG, take some notes :memo:


You mean something like this? I did this one about two years ago when I got my first iPad Pro.


is it even a dragon…?


yes!! Looks a bit like that Phoenix dragon from the beginning of the game. Aetrix, I think.


mane of fire on Aetrix… well, Aetrix looks like a damn chicken. Something more majestic would be amazing.


Hmm. Good question :thinking: We’ve got plenty of dragons in this game that probably wouldn’t count as true “dragons” and would be classified in a subclass/different label (wyrm, wyvern, etc). Jura’s probably having an existential crisis by now.


tornado Shark dragon