Requests, fan dragon ideas, etc


A pregnant lazy dragon plz


definitely. I haven’t seen any bugs except for Jura and Lyth, and maybe Spindra.




lol sure, any specific in-game dragon?


Sharknado dragon! too funny, he can come out of the sea around the islands we defend and return back there. We already have a rider this season for him. He will be mean too!


yeah. And some special wind-related spells. Maybe a Neptus cousin.


Amy. Or apophet


The dragon from The Never Ending Story. Basically a giant dog dragon. I loved that movie when I was younger.



that one is epic.


another must-do.


sorry for the wait!! More requests are coming.


I made it as tough and warrior-like as possible.


I have noticed a pretty big number of off-topic category posts lately. Good choice. If you label yourself as off topic, youre more likely to be fine. I enjoy these off topic threads!


all right.


Pretty good start there!


What about a dragon season based on purely on the zodiac but darker. I personally vote for Pisces’s since it’s my sign lol.
I’ve included some artwork I found for inspiration. It could be light and airy the same way it can be dark all signs have characteristics you can use them for helping to draw. Thanks for asking our input.



I think you should do a proper rendition of not-yet-but-maybe-one-day-will-be-in-game Beavareemp that has been defined here: New Dragon Proposal (serious, but for fun)



Those both made me laugh out loud, literally.


A season would be awesome.