Required dragon AP to score max points in assault

What would be the dragon dragon AP required to score max points in a given base? For example if a base is 1B DP and it is worth 100 points, which AP should the dragon used have to score 200 points?

I see people win scoring max points so it would be fair for that information to be available to everybody so that we do not lose time trying out the bases with too strong dragons

This DP is the last one as I haven’t finished all tiers yet.


Multiply base defense by 0.01


I think it only applies to the first base each tier. :thinking:


Seemed consistent but I am often wrong haha… check out the thread on assault hackers… there is a video showing a “max score” run and the Ap/dp difference :hugs:

Can you explain a bit what you mean by Total AP ?

I ask because the lowest AP Red Tier I have is 314…to get the AP in your chart I would need a lvl 1 dragon, is that it ?

Total AP as in the AP of all dragons you use combined

For example, if you use just one dragon with 300 AP, your total AP will be 300

If you use 3 dragons with 300, 400 & 500 AP, your total AP would be 1.2k

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Is there a dragon with 20 AP ?

Maybe low level reds, but I don’t think even they go that low

Basically, max scores in red simply aren’t possible

Draco at lv 1 already has 23 ap without any research so yeah you can basically straight up ban anyone who got max or over 1910 for red without question


its actually impossible to score MAX in assault. there’s actual max and then highest score that can ACTUALLY be achieved using real dragons.

this is actually how they catch cheaters. only cheaters can get true max.

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Only a few tier like green when the gap between dragon ap/tower hp is massive enough that i can use a lower tier dragon to get max on the last 2 base (5+6) but getting any higher in 1-4 is statistically impossible