Requirement for breeding/hatching Harbinger eggs


Can someone please help me?

  1. About requirement for breeding/hatching Harbinger eggs.

Based on my understanding, to breed and hatch a harbinger dragon, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

Player level: 300

Breeding castle level: 12

Incubator level: 12

Surprisingly, I’ve been able to breed half of Opes (a Harbinger guy) @ base lvl 292, breeding castle lvl11 and incubator lvl 11

Is there any changes in Breeding & Hatching requirement recently?

Do I have to lvl up my incubator to lvl 12 and get my base to lvl 300 in order to hatch Opes?

(I stop breeding Opes for now as I’ve reached my event point goal this event)

  1. About requirement for lvl up breeding castles and incubator from lvl 11 to 12.

But now, I found that at level 292, I can lvl up them with 1.636M Lumber.

Is there any changes recently, too?

Thank you all in advance!

The requirement has been dropped to lv 280 (level threshold for Incubator and Breeding Castle).

In order to hatch Opes, you need lv 12 Incubator

The Q has been well-answered.


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You do not need a level 12 castle to breed harbingers, you only need that to use harbingers as parents. So you can make a harbinger with obsidian parents at 220 if you wanted.

You do need a level 12 incubator to hatch them. The level requirement for that has been lowered to 280 recently, as others have mentioned.

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Thank you all!
Now I get what I would like to know from your answers!
It helps me much in planning for the next fort and breed event.