Requirement to have atlas

A few teams that i know are in the platinum for almost two months. They contacted with support but couldn’t get the atlas. I wrote a couple tickets for them either, the answer was the same in both tickets, they sent a link which says “we change the requirements to have atlas, it is now to stay in the platinum for 3 weeks, than the team should contact with support and it’s going to be evaluated”. The rest of the conversation is not worth to talk.
Can somebody if knows, tell me what is it? Like do you need to stay in platinum but only they give it at the beginning of the season? Is the atlas stuff so busy to evaluate those teams?
Can PG make it automatic?

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They said they’ll be adding plat teams to Atlas every new Atlas season, or atleast that’s the plan

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So there’s no 3 weeks requirement? At least what they said they were planning?

Not that I’ve seen

Any link you can guide me to those sentences Fury? :pray: :pray:

Hmm, let me see if I can find them again

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Found it


possible of 3 final weeks at the end of the atlas season.


Could you think to talk to team about at least giving the atlas chance each month? :pray: 3 months is too much like 1/280 of an average person’s life :sob: :sweat_smile: @PGGalileo

It doesn’t matter of course, just saying that we created a team and made gold 1 almost platinum in 3 weeks with 10 wars a day or smth. Will be platinum at the beginning of the next atlas season, but the need to wait 3 months more after all these efforts is painful

There’s only a few weeks left in the current atlas season. :upside_down_face:

2 weeks yeah

whatever right :skull_and_crossbones:

But I don’t think you have to wait an entire other atlas season. My understanding is that you just need to be in platinum at the time of season change—so in two weeks.


I will pry for this. Lived a lot of things in this game, and at the end of all that cazz, want to say, yeah we made it. Small step for the world, but a big one for us :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: The hope is what keeps the people alive :innocent:

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I hope it works out for you. :hugs:


I recently asked support as well, but the response I received was even more vague - they said being in Plat for 3 weeks will give you “increased consideration”, and added that with a follow up of they still don’t know when the next Atlas rollout will be. i.e., not guaranteeing that new teams will be added at the start of the Atlas season.

@PGGalileo could you please revisit this? After the last unannounced rollout, it would be nice not to be surprised this time.


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