Rescaling Temple Raid Guardian Points

We’ve received a lot of feedback on our Temple Raid point system, regarding teams sandbagging just to be able to get higher points. This was definitely never our intended gameplay, so we’ve decided to address this common community concern.

In this week’s Temple Raid event, we’ll be rescaling our point system. This update will only be made for the normal Island Guardians. The details are below:


How is that ? Higher leagues have more competition and thus more rewarding prizes this has been like forever like this .


It was standard

Old ones were > 100 - 100 -200-200-300-300-400-400-500-500-600-600-700-700

Now they’re scaling it according to league which is a decent move . People were dropping leagues just to secure easy opponents for the supercharged cause they rewarded the same .


At least the rich dont get rich oppressing the poor . :eyes:


Not really. The “rich” aka the higher leagues have been getting drastically overcharged in rss needed to clear an island for a long time now. Not everyone in Saph and Diamond is a whale and they do not deserve to be paying double or more the rss to get fewer points. When you have teams that drop down to plat because they can clear 50+ islands with the same rss that it would cost to clear 30ish islands in sapphire and are getting the same points per guardian, then it is not at all balanced


Ducklady :kissing_heart: said it right here :sunglasses:


If you’re a casual player in gold then you werent doing much anyway, thus being casual. This wont effect them much anyway since they’re probably barely even clearing any islands and probably are rarely on for guardians. If they want better points then they can be active and move up




Man, people are never happy around here


Well, you have to take into consideration the difference in energy needed to be used per league; imo this is quite fair

I’ll switch to my laptop for a more proper analysis of this


Well Bronze and Silver pretty much dont exist, those arent even actual leagues. Gold is basically the baby league for newer players to get started in and the most casual of casuals to float around in. If you’re a big player in Gold then you dont deserve high points for kicking around babies. Move up.
This really will not impact legit gold teams at all because they’re not really active enough for it to affect them. They still get WAAAAY cheaper islands than everyone else

@DragonPunch Do you happen to know if the correct portrait will be given out this time? We still haven’t seen Dirty Bear (aka Earth Ursus) make it into the cycle. Last time they reuses Burny Bear instead. forSci needs her radioactive teddy

Also is PG not doing anything for Halloween this year? :pleading_face: :sob:


Why not rescale the HP of the islands that made it so much more expensive to clear them in higher leagues in the first place? Instead now all the non sandbagging plat and below teams will have to work that much harder for their same personal prizes

Plat didnt change, they still get the exact same points as before.


Gold and below, platinum has been unchanged.

And they don’t have to work so much harder, they still get -way- cheaper temples to unlock, they just don’t get double the points per energy spent compared to platinum like they used to.

Rescaling the hp to diamond levels would have been hell for gold, they would need a whole event to unlock one temple and never get portraits anymore.

And scaling everything to gold hp would mean diamond teams would have nothing to hit basically, supercharges are already gone in minutes with the current hp.


Because then we’d have gauntlet 2.0 with teammates fighting one another for points imo


not really, cause there is no cooldown on starting a new island once the last one was cleared

Yes there is, it’s called the temple. You cant hit that island again until that timer runs out so you’d have 5 temples open and no one could participate


Yes there is, three hours before you can do the same Island again. With gold hp it would take 10 minutes to clear all 5 islands in diamond.


How about you take 5 minutes and do it yourself, since you’re not going to accept any of the people who already did that as unbiased.

Count the number of path hp you need to burn away in each tier. And then check how many free points you get for doing so. You’ll find them proportional.


only if you clear all five … which the majority of teams don’t do non-stop through out the entire event

maybe the first or second day, but doubtful that happens everyday all day to an entire league