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I would like advice from my fellow dragon riders. My situation: just hit the 300 wall but being in D1 I can collect tokens comparatively easily. I sit on 310k tokens and will use about 170k during this event, breeding Estril and Noc. My question: should I use about 80k to bred gold eggs for cloak/heal research? I tend to do this as it seems I will be more often den capped in the coming months (I am a non-spender) vs. the amount of tokens I can get. I.e., I think I get enough tokens to afford the research without blocking me from breeding.

Appreciate any input, especially from players who were at this point and made one or the other decision. Thanks!

No. It’s :poop:. You’re better off getting the construction bonus as an extra 5% off of 50 day build times definitely adds up.

Also be mindful that you can breed vanguards to get the harb eggs (just won’t be able to incubate them until 330), so there’s a lot of eggs to be spent before 330.


Don’t forget about all the cool ballista buffs. Maybe that will make them relevant again. ¯\(ツ)


Thanks for the advice. Thought the 15% makes a difference but from a long term perspective the 5% construction makes more sense. I got my answer :+1:

It’s 15% of Base hp (doesn’t include research, boosts or gear) so it’s actually like a 3% heal, and it’s only attainable after a full cloak.

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I noticed that too, long ago… Am I the only one who felt cheated realising it didn’t work as soon as you hit Cloak? (Didn’t purchase the research, I just asked about it).

It could have been just a bit useful when blinking, but that was probably too much to ask 🤷


I agree, it would have actually made a difference if you got an instant +15% health the second you pressed cloak, and it would actually give the research item a bit of value.

As it stands, i don’t even want to get it


Hmmm, maybe we can pester PG into changing how it works. They did fix the way sorcerer stun works (since most of the time it did nothing but when it did finally kick in, the entire base got locked down with stunned towers).


Will 10%/s be worth? :eyes:

It does add up :man_shrugging:t2:

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