Research/builder hut eggs

This will not make and change to the actual playing of the game however it will make the game a great deal easier for people like me who are color blind or color deficient. I submitted a ticket to request that when you are in the research hall or trying to upgrade the builder hut that instead of just the colored egg picture they also write out the name of the color. They responsed to my ticket within minutes and suggested I post here as well so I am.


For research, if you click “research” and you’re short eggs, it will tell you what they are. Not sure about builders hut. However, I agree that it should state the name no matter what.


Today I learned you can buy research eggs with rubies… and they are just as expensive as you would think.

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Thanks! I didn’t realize that, and I just started an 18 day one so I can’t check it out now but I will.

Holy shit, you can buy them?!?!? :t_rex:

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I can buy them too lol

Only up to green tier. I cant buy the blasted gold eggs I’ve needed for months

Damn. They’d probably be like 50k rubies apiece anyway :expressionless: :t_rex:

If you tap upgrade in the builder hut it will tell you what type of egg you need.

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