Research Clarification-Sorcerer Fury vs Sorcerer Wrath

In research Sorcerer Fury = +4% Sorcerer Damage and Sorcerer Wrath = +4% Sorcerer Dragon Damage. Per the Help Desk both of these researches do the same thing, they each give 4% additional damage boost to Sorcerer Dragons.

And your question is?

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If there was a question there would be a question mark.

Did someone need this clarified? Should you also clarify that 4+4=8? Just in case they didn’t catch that part

:thinking: maybe 4% doesn’t mean 4%? Or maybe sorcerer <> sorcerer dragon? Or maybe damage <> damage? Best to clarify these things always!

Edit: No shit Sherlock…

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Sooo just a statement nice cheers

Guys 4% and 4% be 8%

On a serious note, “damage” refers to spell damage, right? Since Sorcerer Savagery is +4% dragon attack, I’d assume they aren’t the same thing. But can’t really tell with this game.

Never know with research… it’s up to explanation and not the in game wording in many cases

But I think both are DPS increase. If I’m wrong, god bless Shezard

I think the question is why are there two runes that do the same thing?

There are many research items that do the “same thing.” But they stack.

I’m just short of 100% positive these two affect the damage of the dragon’s regular attack and have nothing to do with spell damage (unless you have a spell based on the attack of the dragon).

They’re not runes, they’re research items.

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Gee thanks, not everyone has your inate knowledge of the game’s twists and strange terminology.

Which ones? Sorcerer, attack, increase, or 4%?

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I believe his point was that the wording was not consistent.

It should probably be the same for all the items that have the same effect, right?

Increases Warrior Damage by 4%
Increases Hunter Damage by 4%
Increase all Attack Tower Damage by 5%

Increases Blue Mage Super Shot Damage… (that little tiny bit of physical damage you didn’t know about until it was too late).

Increases Farm Super Shot Damage… (yep, sheep as weapons).

So, things are not always what a normal reading would suggest.


Unfortunately for the OP, the only difference between the two examples he provided was the additional word “dragon”. Pretty bloody clear what “dragon” means…:rofl:

What about damage vs. attack though in terms of wording

Attack is not in the wording - so I don’t know where that came from :man_shrugging:

Ok I’ll rephrase:

Difference between +4% Dragon Attack and +4% Dragon Damage

I’m actually wondering, not trying to argue semantics with you lol

That’s a big difference I believe - and using the word “attack” is what brings in the confusion. Hence “damage” is a much better reference as it talks to outcomes.

Attack could mean DPS, damage per shot, dragon base AP etc. So it is confusing.

There used to be a thread either here or on the old forums where @PGJared was getting clarification and improving the research paths. Dunno where it went :man_shrugging: