Research Discounts

Researches are a large investment. Depending on what research it is, it provides minor benefits for the cost and often times they go overlooked by players because they don’t want to invest in research when they can Invest in breeding instead. While I understand it’s a choice, is seems that there should be research tier based discounts like what pg does when introducing new tiers of drags. 15-20 percent discount would be helpful without making it incredibly easy to get researches


It is discounted due to the tier discount.


There are. The tier based discounts reduce the cost of getting the eggs for research. This effectively being a tier based discount.


Really? I ever knew that, interesting. Even the. They don’t seem significant enough to be of any real benefit though

I see what you mean but by discounting the dragons at tier, it makes it harder to get the necessary eggs needed for research. So what I need to clarify is reducing the amount of eggs not tokens needed for research. Maybe that will clarify


I completely agree. Research is overpriced and more discounts mean less eggs as a byproduct which kills the discount idea for research (EDIT:) the more mystic frags you use, the less research eggs you get.
Garnet tier is many years old and the Garnet research still costs over 100k tokens each? Completely ridiculous for these minor effects.


Discounted dragon costs make it more difficult to get the required eggs. If a dragon originally cost 100k to get 8 eggs, now you only get 7 eggs after discounts, meaning you have to spend MORE to get that final egg . What I was referring to is this:

Example: Garnet research costs, 125k ish tokens to get the 25 eggs needed for one research. So by discounting I mean that every time a new research tier is introduced, it would discount the eggs needed for that research so instead of garnet costing 25 eggs, it would now only costs 22 eggs if the discount was 10-15 percent.

Hopefully I explained that well enough lol

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It actually doesn’t. The dragons still require the same number of fragments, and still give the same number of secondary eggs. You just pay less tokens for each fragment created.


If that’s the case then that’s good but it still doesn’t justify the vast amount of tokens required for research eggs and the minimal effect most researches provide but I do see your point. It just doesn’t feel that way at certain tiers, personally

Research is still hideously expensive for sure, but the discounts do help and not hinder. Also gold tier actually had it’s costs reduced so mid-tier research is becoming borderline reasonable. If you want the top end stuff you’ll still have to pay millions and millions though.

You may already know the page, but I’ve listed the token cost for each research item here:

Up to sapphire costs are quite friendly, 20-30k per item is very quick, but after that it ramps up quite fast. And Garnet is already heavily discounted so I don’t expect those to become much cheaper in the future either.



Yes I am familiar with the page and use it frequently, thanks by the way!

Garnet was a huge jump in cost and I got through but it took awhile just getting the ones I needed. Thankfully garnet, most of the researches are better worth the effort but once you hit emerald, that’s where it gets worse and unjustifiably so in my opinion . So if the others tiers garnet and lower have been discounted and adjusted, emerald and above needs to be tweaked.

I also agree that they do give a slightly higher edge over other players but it seems like an under rated tool for progression because of such high costs.


Still haven’t finished green yet, and with 500,000 for one dragon I don’t see myself getting any research done any time soon.


That’s also a good point, Currently it’s either breed a drag or do research for a vast majority of the player base

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The reason research is so expensive is because everyone uses breeding guides to get through a tier efficiently. If we just willy-nilly bred all the dragons, we’d have a bunch more research eggs but we’d still be spending a ridiculous amount of excess tokens on research.

Either way you do it…


Just can’t win @Daedalus



I’m confused it seems many think the costs for research are way too high for minimal benefits in which case I’d suggest not doing research.

If you think the research is useful you need to choose between research and progressing on dragons. Personally I recommend doing a little towards research each breed along with advancing your breeding.

Overall dragons are worth more than the research but players with maxed out research are the whales and tbh I’m kinda ok with the absolute whales getting some extra perks.


As Morre says. However I agree with the OP that research prices are too high. It would be fine if we wouldnt have to breed dragons at the same time. Eggtokens and timers are the bottleneck of the game. I wouldnt recommend anyone to prioritize research over up-to-date lineage dragons unless someone has a certain fetish for that.

Instead of more research discounts Id much rather see other ways to earn tier-specific dragon eggs. For example instead of those ridiculous xp potions from those new quests, how about giving us the option to choose 3-5 eggs of our choice? This wouldnt be game breaking and pose an incentive to do those quests at the same time.


3 green eggs are 2.5k tokens…

2.4K actually, but close enough


How about research discount is the amount of egg needed for each research this would significantly reduce the cost
I currently will be able to catch and reach end tier so I literally cant spare a single egg for research and I definitely cant spare anything even after that cause dragon will get more expensive aswell so for e2p it’s borderline impossible to get any research garnet+ without killing yourselves from grinding