Research Egg Combo for Hall of Research

Can any one suggest me the research egg (parents) combination for Garnet, Emerald, Obsidian, Harbinger, Vanguard, Empyrion tier for Hall of Research?

I searched but only get the egg combination till sapphire tier. Not further more.

Thanks a lot in advance.

This website has all the egg combos up to the latest tier. Hope this helps :relaxed:


@Valkyrhrist thanks a lot for your kind reply. And I already bookmarked Neon-wonderland.

But I need the information which egg (Dragon’s egg) is needed to update the research items at Hall of Research from Garnet to Empyrion tier.

At Amoebastudios, got the research egg combos which shows till Sapphire tier and no further update. I need further update from Garnet tier.

I’d definitely advise that you use Morr’s site over Amoeba’s. Lots of information on Amoeba’s is outdated. It has no breeding data after 2017 nor the discounted costs.


I’m not sure I understand :sweat_smile: Couldn’t you just take the egg combos listed in each tier?


Garnet Ursa Aquileas and Austeros 4 667 Jul

Emerald Nier Kerbos 5 430 Pyrochis


Is this what you’re looking for? The Neon website has all the parent dragons information for every tier.


@Nidogod can you please share the link?

@Valkyrhrist let me clear the thing. I’m stuck to update my research items. And I didn’t find the which egg I should breed to update the research item at Hall of research.

It is this link :slight_smile:


It doesn’t matter which dragon you breed as long as you get let’s say 25 garnet eggs for garnet tier research. So you can breed Ursa with Aquileas&Austeros or Icicle with Zaru until you get 25 garnet eggs.

There isn’t one specific egg you should breed, any egg from that tier will work.


@Valkyrhrist thanks a lot for your reply.

You are right. if I breed (Ursa with Aquileas&Austeros) = JUL then I get one garnet egg for research.

I’m asking the same which combination will works for further tier ( Emerald, Obsidian, Harbinger, Vanguard, Empyrion) research.

Or any combination for each tier will work?

I got it.

File closed.
And thanks a lot every one.


Wow! That’s still alive?

Closed as question got resolved.