Research egg costs


Would it be possible to have the team consider dropping the research eggs cost at some point? it’s getting a little ridiculous for example to get 24 garnet eggs would require spending 120k breeding tokens this goes up rather quickly in emerald obsidian and harbringer. it’s not possible to ever consider spending that amount of tokens on research without seriously gimping tier progressions.


From my understanding discounts are the way they are, not for an average player on a guide.
Instead, it is for endgame players and whales.


While I agree that the prices are dumb, the prices are already lowered due to tier discounts. You are rebreeding entire dragons. So in order to lower the cost of research I can see 1 of 2 things needing to happen:

  1. The entire tier would need to be dropped in cost
  2. The game would somehow need to differentiate between breeding whole dragons and breeding for research eggs.
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not what i mean i mean lower the research cost itself if it’s 30 eggs make it 10 lol

I think the tricky problem with research right now, is its purpose is to be a pressure valve on end game whales, who generate more egg tokens and fragments then they need. So the high price is designed to burn a lot of egg tokens so that that group of players doesn’t end up hoarding too many egg tokens.

The problem is that as they release more and more tiers of research, it makes any kind of catch up or pacing pretty much impossible. Realistically I think PG should drop the prices on some of the older tiers, like garnet or emerald, because the prices for those tiers is kind of insane given how far away from the end of the line the research actually is.

I think the cost of new research being high is perfectly fine. Its not really designed to be accessible by every player in the game. And that’s actually a good thing. One or two tiers of research on its own isn’t enough to guarantee a win over another player/team, and having ways that high end whales can spend their egg tokens, and not feel like they are running out of content is good. But at the end of the day, that price eventually needs to come down so that it doesn’t stay astronomically high when it starts to get to be three or four tiers of research behind.

I guess I can post this here I put it in galileos AMA thread as well:

Can you ask why research is being pumped out so fast? Research tier has been gaining on the main game tier quite rapidly for example:

Abyssal tier release brought with it new research (which hadn’t been added to in a long time). This research cost garnet eggs

Eldritch legendaries brought with them emerald research

Eldritch mythics brought with them obsidian research

Verdant legendaries brought with them harbinger research

Verdant mythics brought with them vanguard research

By the end of next tier we will be on abyssal research and in a years time we will be on verdant research at n-2.

In your format

X is bad
Research is being released by tier twice as fast dragon tiers are being released.

X is causing Y
This is going to cause research tier to catch dragon tier in the medium term. It’s also making research get increasingly expensive as time goes on as research is less discounted. This will cause greater and greater disparity between the mega whales and those who spend a bit to keep up.

Z would fix this:
Either of:

  1. Slow down research release so 1 research tier is released alongside each whole dragon tier
  2. Make it possible to start at a node of each research tier to allow some progression through new research before fully completing all the old researches (which are becoming more outdated)
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I assume there is more research now, as they are trying to catch the research up with end game.

The above suggestions does not cover Pgs favorite player type! Lol

The new whales and spenders need to be properly squeezed of cash so I don’t expect to see pg applying impactful discounts at lower tiers. :man_shrugging:
Sadly the best we can hope for is for pg to quit advancing research so rapidly because they are widening the gap quickly.

In this game it‘s kind of normal that not everyone can access the higher research levels but in any other game research plays a different role and is accessible for everyone because it‘s an important part that allows players to grow stronger.
And that‘s our problem…the role research has taken in this game parted ways with it‘s original intent long ago. It’s one part of the game where spenders keep spending and that‘s exactly why PG won‘t change anything.

Yep it’s used to fill the gap for top spenders between dragon releases.
And while annoying to the average player it’s a way to let spenders make points during breed and while ridiculously expensive it’s needed because pg can’t make enough dragons quickly enough to feed continuous content to the spenders :man_shrugging:

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