Research egg tokens

I have found it very hard to get eggs for doing research. The cost of getting them doesn’t seem to be worth it while also trying to breed new Dragons. Is there a way to get the cost down?

When you looked for similar topics before making your post, did none of the other research and egg combo threads answer you questions?

What research are you trying to do? Where are you at on the breeding guide you’re following?


I think the point here is spare tokens for research.

Research isn’t cheap. It’s supposed to be spare eggs but something like +4% sorceror attack is 18 gold eggs.
expensive example:
18x 2000 gold eggs = 36k egg tokens

Gold research is notoriously expensive, not a lot you can do about that. They did drop the cost of all gold research by 50% compared to the original pricing, but that’s still not cheap. has pretty much all the cheapest ways to make the eggs. No way to get the cost down further.


It would be great if PG could drop the price of breeding a dragon in a tier if you already had all of the dragons in its tier.

That way you aren’t speeding up the advancement through the tiers, but you’re still able to get research.

Maybe they could do it as part of their happiness initiative.

I’d only be on board if they made the requirement that all dragons of said tier needed to be expert.






  • Nyrdyr
  • Necryx
  • Anuba
  • Aibrean
  • Moose
  • Kirin
  • Coatl
  • Sylphen
  • Hildr

It would need to be lineage, if it were to work.
You don’t breed divines.
Either way, it’s just a thought.

Yes, I know (still have lots of non expert Green and Gold)

No way say it ain’t so expert them all
One run ok high invader with a backer and 2 runs self backing expert gold and green lol
#expertthemall oops I have akreqdy


Lincoln once said : give me 6 hours to cut a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening my axe.

Research is key but most people are urged to breed new dragons.I always try to breed and research at the same time. I’m level 126 and i almost finished golden eggs research :slight_smile: I often breed for research eggs and it’s so worth it

That sounds like really poor resource allocation to me, severely impeding your progress for a tiny research advantage, there is absolutely no need for gold level research until well into your 200s.

Sounds to me like you’re spending a lot of time sharpening your hammer.


This really isn’t that true.
Unless you are a heavy spender or grinder, i’d suggest diverting 100% of token resources towards dragons until you are in the low L200s (226ish) and then going for the platinum construction research.

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Hahaha. I grind a lot and can spend from time to time.

Maybe I was unclear. I follow rulith intense check in and I often gets blocked by den at my level with no other dragons to breed except useless one. For example, I got apophet this breeding event but I need to be level 132 before breeding it. As I cumulated too many eggs, I spent them on research and I’m glad about it as I saved many timers.

As I’m a noobs, reading your comments, I know I’m wrong and should keep my eggs tokens. I’m just very satisfied by all the bonuses researching can give you. This and rulith intensive check in helps me attack much higher level than me :slight_smile:

Well, the game is a balance between leveling and breeding. A lot of people build too fast, run into builder hut caps, and need to speed up their breeding. You have the more rare issue of building too slow and running into den cap issues.

I think both are suboptimal, and the goal should be to stay in that window where your den cap never slows your breeding, and your builder hut cap never slows your building.


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