Research eggs - a new way to generate more

I have tried searching for something similar to the idea I have but the following thread is the closest I saw and it isn’t quite what I have in mind. Apologies if I have missed a thread more similar to my idea below.

Lke many people when they get to mid levels, my research has stalled over the last few months. I have enough platinum and sapphire eggs for three steps of research but I’m missing gold eggs for some intermediate steps.

I was thinking what if the research hut could give you one research egg per day (or some other rate PG decide) if it is not already engaged in carrying out research for you. The tier of egg you could get would be linked to the level of the research hut. So if you have level 1 research hut (able to research using red eggs) you can’t get any eggs, but if you have level 2 hut (using blue eggs) then you can get red eggs, level 3 hut you can get blue eggs etc, basically you can get an egg from the tier below the max one you are currently able to use for research. When you get to the last research hut level using platinum and sapphire eggs to research stuff then you would be able to pick up extra gold eggs only.

This would help people get past green research stages as well as long as they upgraded their hut to the gold research tier. Sure 1 egg per day is not a lot when the research requires 50 eggs but at the minute there must be a large proportion of research huts that are idle and every little would help. It is frustrating having enough eggs for higher level research but missing low level eggs and faced with choice of spending hard won egg tokens on breeding dragons you already have or just leaving those spare eggs sitting there giving no benefit at all. For me gold research steps would cost 25-35 eggs so 50k+ tokens which is up to a third of the amount I need for my main dragon breeding progression and therefore puts me off the research. Other players must be facing a similar conundrum.

Comments or alterations welcome.

Gold eggs is pretty easy. At level 63, for 2,1k token, you can get one…


Well I’d call that pretty expensive to be honest, delaying my breeding for a month or more to get some extraordinary crappy gold research…

Like Mechengg mentioned in another thread, probably worth it once you hit the real expensive levels, to get the platinum construction discount, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone below obsidian.


True. I just show how easy to get it.
For myself, I won’t do any gold research past 12% xp boost (as non-elite, that’s worth IMO)
Unless I’m stuck with Sapphire breeding progress…

I personally wouldn’t even go for the XP bonus until I was into harbingers. It’s simply too easy to expert dragons at many levels (with some hiccups)

it would be fine if I do some gold egg in breeding event when I backbreed something.

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