Research is applied how?

If a square in the research bracket reads +5%ice flak resistance is this applied to all dragons or is this applied to only dragons with the ice flak resistance included in their spell set as runes of this nature with a secondary ice flak resistance will only improve the dragons resistance if that dragon has ice flak resistance in its spell set.
If a rune or glyph increase ice flak resistance will do nothing against an ice flak tower on a dragon without ice flak resistance spell is the research applied the same way?
Thanks in advance

It only works on dragons with or that could somehow gain that resistance. If they don’t have ice flak resist or don’t have a spell that can give it to them (ie adaptive ice flak resist) then it does nothing for them

You cant boost what isn’t there in the first place


When you put it like that i feel dumb for asking , but good point. I appreciate the response


It’s a fair question lots of WD game mechanics work back to front.

I.e. a perches buff will work even when it is destroyed. But a totems buff is removed on destruction.

In most pvp events you get the points displayed if you destroy 70% of the base. But you don’t in Crystal caves you need 100% destruction to get the points displayed.

And then in Gauntlet they are too lazy to update them with the bonuses so you only see the baseline points.

Quite a few game mechanics are terribly inconsistent.


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