Research progression


So I seem to be stuck on research based upon my inability to get more orange eggs. I’m breeding platinum dragons. There really isn’t any path I can see to get orange eggs. Is this a common issue? Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thank you.


Kinarra + Nix will get you orange eggs for just 20 egg tokens each.

Ankor + Slynx also works for 5% more cost, if you don’t have Nix.


I’m sure you’ll wait for breeding event and get dragons prior to worrying about research eggs?


That link is probably fine but amoeba is no longer updating things.

You can find the information you seek here (and likely elsewhere) as well.


Thx guys. I believe I figured it ou. I apply the help.


I know it’s not updated anymore, but doesn’t have the info yet. I didn’t know had it, but to be frank I find that site incredibly hard to read and navigate, even though there is some very good info on there.

The breeding combo’s on seem a bit weird though:

  • Ankor + Slynx isn’t actually the cheapest combo, even if it’s the most practical, there should probably be a 100% combo there to (like Kin + Nix)
  • Ith + Whale also seems like a weird combo for gold eggs (only 95%). Lumen + Ferrox (which I only just learned about from @OrcaFrost) is easier to access and gives more eggs. Amoebe’s Mune + Gaspar is cheaper still but requires platinum.


This was the fun part of the the game


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