Research reductions


since those who spent on Grogg before he got cheaper are getting a refund the same should apply to the Research eggs. i spent 143 green eggs too much didn’t bother with the gold research.

Consider a Refund for Green Research Eggs Spent Before the Change

I’d also like my personal necryx line to be 50% off since I missed the discount. It’s only fair since everyone who got him on discount got him on discount


I would also like to get a couple of hundred thousand egg tokens back since I bred all dragons when they were released, and not when they added backbreeds…

Oh wait…



:joy::joy: ha!


I can’t imagine that a day or week prior to the drop in egg research costs you spent 143 eggs on the research line, especially taking into consideration the research time. If you did then I could understand and that should be raised as a ticket to support as the cost to speed up and use that amount of eggs would be frustrating. Everyone spent eggs on research at some point, we all bred dragons that were one time only that have been brought back for breed events.

Research was barely being used by many and this change should start to help with that.


I would really like to see people try and use this logic in real life. Walk back into a store and try and get a refund on the TV you bought 4 months ago because it’s on sale today. PG was very kind to those who worked on the grogg line, but let’s not get carried away


I don’t disagree, but some stores do let people do that :joy:


You people shouldnt compare apples with oranges!

Necryx line was anounced that way befoe as 50% line, as seasons before too… but the rider line wasnt anounced that way, and was changed, thats why fairly it was a refund!

The conditions for greeneggs form past to today was very different…
Event dragons was breedable with token , and so you had more eggs from them too…
Beside that when there was no backbreeding, normally people got there dragons with more green eggs. And during events they was rewarded for that better aswell…

Dont forgett that in past a legendary drop was 5k token, and epic 2k token… And in bronze chests was was much more to find, and much greater amounts of it too…
During a easy weekend from with bronze chest i was able to reach over 10k token just…
I even remember a single rare drop of 15 min timers , which was equal to 25 hours, now its a epic drop nearly.

All in all the situation was very different to today, and it would be unfair to give the older ones a refund for , knowing this !

Can i ask for the old conditions of the past ? People , mostly higher level today was able to build shard weapons for very low condition… PG Jared fixed it for balance… and no i cant ask for…
As i cant ask for the old drops from that days… I just opened during necryx 340 goldchests… where is my difference to old drops… can i ask for… =??? of cource not…

You people make it too easy , PG gave people a hand with making it easier, and some want the arm,… very uncool! Be happy for the others, just dont think all time of yourself honestly!

At least i want to say , its not finished yet, PG surely will bring up new things too… I hope inside prizes , there could be research stuff, but so lets wait and think clear!
I used tons of green eggs too… but that days i had a easier opening for them… and often i made that choice to reach a higher event prize too… so as many we got our rewards from past…

Now we need to go forward!


I agree with OP. It is very lame having to invest in old basic research eggs when you need tokens past the sapphire wall. For those of us that did, it means eventually we will be well overtaken in research by new players…


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