Research server response times

Maybe it’s my Android devices but why is the response times so slow on the Research server?

Erm, what’s a research server?


The Server that’s utilized for research. We have Atlas servers, Event servers, etc. The research server is a standalone box in which the software is deployed for research.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing.

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:rofl: Nice way to explain it, but the problem does exist, although I’m not sure whether it’s device / OS specific, instead of all Android.
By problem, I meant slow response when accessing research.

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Everything is slow on Android.

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Yeah that’s been a thing for a while. Luckily research isn’t something we need to access frequently, but agreed it shouldn’t be that slow.

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It’s make or break at end game :eyes:
Research is very crucial there tho

eh. Some is pretty good to have but most of the end game research is pretty mediocre. It doesn’t have the construction time or supershot nodes like early research had. You can still fly nearly the same even if you’re behind on it.

Also you’re still not accessing the research hall on a regular basis. The lag you get when exiting it is very annoying at times but it’s also not a huge thing since I doubt most people are going in there more than a few times a month at most

It’s what happens when you take a badly written UI and then port it to a different OS.

It’s amusing that the static UI pages use more cpu than flying a dragon :man_shrugging:

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