Research upgrades

Its been forever since we could upgrade our research center. What is going on with this??

As a player clearly newer than you are, can you explain what you mean? Can the research hall not be upgraded high enough to get all research? Thanks in advance.

I think OP refers to adding researches above sapphire. Like Garnet, Emerald and obsidian researches.

They recently released a new upgrade level with the cost rebalance they did. I can go one more level but am not at Sapphire research yet so I haven’t bothered. I got stuck in gold research for a long time and now need to spend millions of tokens if I want to catch up. Too busy breeding new dragons for that.


Research is… Not smart past a certain level.

I mean do you really want to pay tens of thousands of egg tokens to get ballista poison or nocturnal fissure to last a second or two more, or geta mill to “protect more”(which it doesnt), etc

Research needs to be more like red blue tier options and less useless egg sink.

Relevance is that they added “new options” recently that were as underwhelming as this seasons divines


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