Research— use higher level eggs for lower level eggs


Make it possible: use higher level eggs for lower level eggs


That would be nice. I am stopped in research because I don’t have any green eggs. Because I am breeding in sapphire I need all the tokens for that and don’t have extra to spare for green eggs. I have lots of platinum eggs though…:roll_eyes:


so easy to say… make it possible … do like everybody else does , invest in lower tiers and problem solved :slight_smile:


Why? You simply pay more for the same research then?


Why not? It’s not paying more if you got the tokens left over and you’d rather use those than have to spend extra tokens to breed lower level eggs.


Do the higher research…


I like it… I really dont wanna back breed green and gold eggs to fill in the gaps lol… but as it stands that’s the only way I know how to progress atm.

I’m sure they will start giving away full research eggs in the next few “returning player” rewards. Just hold out for that.


Thats the point, you cant because you need to do the lowers first, so those higher eggs are just sitting there wasted


Sorry let me clarify - you will need the higher ones later - its a bad idea to enable players to completely screw their later game because they can during their early game


Take my current situation. I have 154 platinum eggs. I have 0 gold eggs. In order to do ANY platinum research I would have to waste breed tokens on gold eggs. To do the platinum research Id like to do only costs 50 platinum eggs before I hit the sapphire research. So I basically have 100 platinum eggs sitting around being used on nothing because gold is blocking the other paths as well.

The current system penalizes efficient breeding. It should be a tier minimum, but not exclusive.


Why on earth would you have 150 spare platinum eggs? Someone post Red’s breeding path link to help here


So what about the people who do intend to do more than 50 eggs worth of platinum research? Imagine spending sapphire eggs worth 8500 tokens each on green research that would be 800 each?

I’d imagine a ton of pissed off people.

That’s why I think an exchange program would be more ideal based on token equivalent value


I did follow Reds breeding path. I still have 150 plat eggs somehow. Don’t know how tbh.


Now this I could get on board with.

I still wouldnt be pissed spending a higher tier egg on a lower tier research if it’s otherwise just sitting around collecting dust. Yes if I shoot myself in the foot and discover I need it for that tier after all I wouldnt be happy. but why not have the option if I already spent all the research eggs I wanted to in that tier?


It does that, I followed Red’s Best, and I have 201 platinum eggs. Would’ve been more if I had not been spending mystic fragments on my legendary Sapphire breeds. Platinum eggs drop a lot more than gold ones on a good breeding path.


Yeah I meant “spare after research” you pretty much use them all


I completely agree!


Yeah, they really need to fix the gold egg situation. I spent about 70k extra egg tokens this breed to get the eggs I’ll need to get platinum construction research next-next fort…and I used 20k for the same purpose last breed as well :cry: Can they make rare gold eggs more obtainable while breeding the plat legendaries? :sob:


do you know what will they do to fix your problem? they will increase the cost of platinum research :joy:


I agree with this only if it is not a 1:1 ratio. I have many platinum eggs that I will not use on research, at least not anytime soon, but I will not spend them on lower research if 1 plat egg is equivalent to 1 green or gold egg. Because it isn’t