Research vs Dragon Tiers

Does anyone know if someone’s or together something like ( totally wrong numbers, just take the concept away)

Platinum research

  • warrior -10% increase in AP
  • sorcerer - 10% increase in AP
  • Hunter - 10% increase in AP
  • Invoker 0%

… want to show how 330k for 1 Artisan gives X % in AP, but if you dumped those same towns in research, you would get potentially significantly more AP

And, is it a simple as taking each 1% Dmg or 1% HP or 1% rage from each node in research to be able to build this out?

Im not sure I understand the comparison/ question. You’re trying to show 330k tokens for 1 artisan dragon give a better overall increase in AP if they’re dumped in research instead?

If thats the case then yes they do, only reason to do artisans or lineage dragons is for dragon/tower progress.

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