Reset my base, without creating another account

For various reasons I would like to reset my base, without creating another account.

You can’t really, except maybe by breaking some TOS rules and get reset to level 1.


This might need a bit more info about why as with merging being a thing no real reason to lose all progress in towers that would be kinda strange.

You could prolly submit a ticket and ask support. They may be able to oblige.


reset the research maybe but whole progress :joy:

Well, that’s called smurfing so I guess your name fits, but I don’t think this would ever be implemented into the game for obvious reasons.

You can just transform all your towers down to lvl 1…


Sorry, but I dont understand those “obvious reasons”. Please explain.

The problem I’m having is more fundamental than just towers.

Deleting research would lower AP of dragons meaning players could score higher in assault. (I Think that’s what he means lol)

Because as tinbru said, you can just put all level one towers on your base if that’s what you mean. If your asking to keep your towers and all progress but go back to level one that would make no sense. If you want to start the game over then make a new account even if you don’t want to. Maybe telling us the various reasons for why you like this to be implemented would help.

Just storage all towers and restart with a crap bace isn’t that what ur asking ?

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