Resetting dragons skills

If I were to remove / reset all my dragon skills (10% added strength) etc. Do costs of the skills get credited back to my account so I can start again?
Hope this makes sense.

If you mean Rider skills then yes they do.

Wow, I didn’t think, think would happen. Thanks

For a rider all you are doing is resetting how you have spent their skill points on skills. At any given level that rider has X number of skill points. The level of the rider doesn’t change when you reset them so you keep all of those points to re-spend as you like

Hopefully you won’t mind me asking another question.
In Atlas my destroyer jaw just becom 2 star silver. After being beaten & I recover it, it defaults back to,one star silver & im have to restore it back,to the s star. Is this normal? Hope this makes sense

TBH it sounds like you’re summoning the wrong version of your destroyer.

You can have up to 3 primarchs active at the same time. So in your case you can have both your one star and two star primarchs at the same time.

Click on the primarch icon at top left of your screen to switch between them.

I understand this & have 3 dragons rostered on. My problem was when I try to restore the level 2 silver of the dragon the game restored the level 1 dragon not the L2 silver. I had to restore the level 2.
Is this normal?

Nope. You probably just tapped the wrong one when you were resummoning.

Perhaps video would help show what you’re experiencing

When you have an empty prim slot, you can summon any of the prims you have unlocked, not just the highest level ones. I have sometimes misclicked or lag tapped my way to one I don’t want, but I don’t think the game has ever chosen for me

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