Resist and Shields! How Do They Stack?

Hello everyone
Since Leos has 2 resists (dark flak and fire Turret) and Blazing Shield (decreases damage dealt to dragon by 40% I believe). A resist decreases the damage by 70%, if you were to have the shield up while the passive Resist works…how does the prevented damage stack? 70%+40%= 110% prevented (essentially an invincibility). This way of stacking doesn’t seem right. Or is it 70%, then blazing shield prevents 40% of the 30% remaining? So around 85% prevented final. With research, Leos is the largest tank out there. He is so resistant and will be very hard to kill.


It would be the latter, yes.

82%, to be precise, before any research or runes. A dark flak resist rune or glyph could be kind of handy, further reducing damage recieved. Meanwhile, if the shield remains unbroken, it heals 35% of the dragon’s health during its duration.

Don’t forget you have to take down blue first, unless there’s a storm, where you would have to take that then blue down, oh and then if there’s a front-back blue, you’re gonna have to take that down pretty soon, and then if you still have rage at that point, then you can use your shield for 3.5 seconds. OP OP

Ok thanks for clarifying

You would definitely want to prepare a base with a hunter before running this dragon through.

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