Resist Change Suggestion

Right now resists are fairly useless. Less damage from a single tower rarely saves you, and we don’t even consider the resist in the spell set. It’s more of a “flavor” or lore as to what resists they have/don’t have. I’ve never once seen someone say “let’s get that dragon because of his resist”.

What if resists could also give immunity to supershots from that tower? (in addition to the damage mitigation)

  • Dark Flak Resist = not being stunned
  • Fire Flak Resist = not having 50% damage debuff
  • Ice Flak Resist = not having spells disabled
  • Cannon Resist = not having shields broken
  • Archer Resist = heavy damage arrow doing 0% damage

What if resists actually made somewhat of a difference and added variety to your roster and gave you incentive to use certain dragons against certain bases?


Ice flak resists would much more highly valued than they are now haha


I gues this be would be for a specific tower and not for elemental resist?

Correct. Elemental resist already has the advantage of damage mitigation from a plethora of towers.


I do think Ice Flak resist would possibly get bumped up a bit more than the other ones, however not being stunned for 2s from the dark flak is also very nice. As is not getting the damage debuff from a fire flak. Or equipping a cannon resist and having your invinci shield stay up for longer against an uber cannon island. :slight_smile:


Is this proposal to change the current resists, or to have it on new resists?

Change existing :slight_smile:


I think the idea behind it not blocking the effects is that the resist is not an immunity but solely a reduction. As far as I know, you can’t get a 100% resist. Now they could implement a new resist that is 100%, i can imagine a resist like that would really shake things up in the base department

No. That’s a terrible idea. Why would someone spend that much on leveling a tower only to have it deal 0 damage to a dragon forever?


You would just have to rely on other towers to do the damage, it could create balance to where dragons don’t need super kill spells to get though an island, allow for more strategic spells

I like the idea. It’d make resists more useful, and it’d have the potential to shake up the base-design game in a more interesting way than throwing in new towers that make existing towers obsolete.

Though I think it’d absolutely need to be done in concert with a reconsideration of which dragons get which resists - maybe even changing the resists on existing dragons. Some dragons are mainly countered by specific types of supershots, and it doesn’t seem appropriate to significantly alter the strength of dragons after they’ve been released.

As much as anything, though, I’d be interested to see how this would affect the value of forgeable resists. For example, would storm resist allow a dragon to shoot through storm shields? That’d be a serious game-changer, especially if it applied to invincibility from earth flak too.

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It would also remove the need to learn how to fly too.
Think about, you’re trying to introduce a 0 rage, permanent, no cool down, invincibility spell vs one tower (let’s say DF) and trying to say a) it’s good for balance, and b) that there will be no need for over powered spells? You’re missing the irony where this is an over powered spell, right?


My thoughts behind this is, how much different in damage is a 100% reduction from a particular tower with a reduction in the effect as well be compared to 50% reduction from elemental resist? Obviously you can kill four towers and be left with one that cant hurt you but you may also be able to add an effect where you have a reduced damage to that tower. But I think the initial damage could be more…

or make it more like the adaptive resist to where it gives you a base resist but when you enable it, you get 100% immunity for said time. Say that effect can only be utilized once or twice within a round

You mean, like a resist?
The difference between the 0 rage, permanent, no cool down, invincibility vs 1 tower and elemental resist is that every tower can hurt you in elemental resist, while all you need to do with your suggestion (which is different than OP) is kill 1-2 towers, get maged, and not even care about it.


I think we’re on the same page, and are saying the same thing in regards to elemental resist (the current 50% iteration) vs say the immunity idea. I did add some to the idea to make it more flexible and not just immortal

The whole immunity to super shot effects is a fantastic idea and would actually make set ups matter and be better against certain bases. It would also encourage people to think when defending and picking dragons.

The complete invulnerability idea though… not so much. Your literally removing a towers relevance entirely and when kill islands normally have two damaging towers it becomes far too easy

I can agree with you both, overall immunity without a cooldown effect wouldn’t be a good idea…I like my secondary idea on it a bit better

That doesn’t change it at all tbh outside of end game. Most people have one kill island. If you can essentially turn a tower off at that point it might as well be invulnerability.

For example I have one dark flak tower on my base. ANY invulnerability to dark flak essentially renders that tower useless and a waste. That isn’t right. No matter how long the duration

I think you misunderstand, it would only be for the first few seconds or so as well as have a cool down. I’m sure GPF and PG could work it out, also my idea would lower the base resist ( say it’s 50% or whatever anytime the “immunity” effect is not enabled) once the enabled effect wears off. You would still take damage from the tower, it just wouldn’t be from the turn. You would still have to focus on killing that tower quickly as you won’t be immune forever

Personally I don’t like the idea of an effect not being applied if any damage is getting through or at least not at the typical 70%

But if I have one dark flak and your invulnerable for 2 seconds to it, the fights over. Most dragons have a way of disabling or destroying towers in one shot now. One sand. One single one shot. Or hell a hunter just blowing all ammo into the tower.

The time doesn’t matter. No dragon should EVER have a free immunity to a tower. Hell most of my flights against kill islands are decided within the first second. Have I disabled the mages or the flaks? Yes or no. If yes those flaks become irrelevant at this point. A single second immunity would be too much.

I haven’t misunderstood. I just strongly disagree