Resist Change Suggestion



What if it wasn’t certain? The damage reduction isn’t 100%, so why not take a cue from that and make the ‘supershot reduction’ not 100%. E.g. I get a 50/50 chance of not getting stunned by a dark flak. Defender can choose to play the odds or use that supershot elsewhere, while attacker can’t reliably ignore any given tower.


Spells wouldn’t remain the same, I’m not saying change all resists to this. I’m suggesting it be a brand new resist


The issue is that introduces luck into flights. A war run or heated atlas run could be decided on luck, regardless of skill. I’m not a fan tbh


I can be more on board with a chance to reduce the stun, but then it’s really all a matter of luck.


But that doesn’t change the fact that it wouldn’t be balanced or fun to play against. You would NEVER be able to have a hunter with a flak resist. Hell even sorcerers. Would be iffy


This thread isn’t about a 100% immunity.
It is to suggest that supershots are blocked if you have a standard 70% resist.

Elemental resist is not included.
Adaptive resists are not included.
Stand alone single 70% resists are the only ones to be effected


How is it any less balanced than say a straight 50% reduction to all elementals? It requires you to plan it out with no other resist to anything. It balances by being less of a reduction after the effect wears off. You still have to kill the tower before it kills you, it could even be a shield that dissipates after he initial supershots or even regular shot from that tower.


Yea I don’t like the idea of a supershot effect being blocked while damage is getting through




At no point do I think elemental resist is balanced. BUT it is more balanced than this. An outright immunity to a tower would allow any good flier to bypass that tower on my base as I have a single one. Yes there is a downside. But the downside happens after the point it matters.

With elemental resist at least I consistently do damage.


@mechengg I agree with most of your threads, but gotta go with no this time. For one simple reason…dark flak’s super shot is the ONLY weapon most of us have against super OP, maxed out dragons. Take it away, and we might as well just store all of our towers :man_shrugging:


How many dragons have a single dark flak static resist at your level?


It’s not a permanent immunity, so they wouldn’t be able to completely bypass it, we have moved on from my original mention of a straight immunity


I have no idea of that number without checking. But SS damages even when they have resist, that’s the point here. Having Ice Flak and Dark Flak combo is still an effective defense. I just don’t want to have to start from scratch designing my base again :man_facepalming:


What level are you?

Besides a handful of random divines I don’t think there are any dragons prior to L300 that have a dark flak resist are there? (See how much attention resists actually matter?)


I can get on board with the resist limiting the damage from the supershot (unless it already does reduce it, I don’t recall which way it goes), just not the effect of the supershot


120 currently on main account.


Will soon finish the +10% DF resist research lol


But if, like 80% of the players with good bases, you have one of each tower on your kill island, and you become immune at the point of it being relevant, then it might as wel be invulnerability.

Here is an example of what I mean. You attack me, I have one dark flak. You have a resist. In this case the win condition for beating the island is normally taking out the mages and/or the damage. Being immune during THIS window means that there is no threat. You can easily just sand the flak, one shot the flak, or just kill the mages and cast spells. At this point the flak is worthless or dead. You may as well be immune Permanently and this would only be different at max level as people will have multiple towers. At all other levels this would not work.

This would be the case for almost all of my flights. If I could become immune for a single flak shot I wouldn’t need to bother blinking.


Yeah you have a ton of time/work to go still until it will even matter.

Alternately, one or two divines may end up with this resist. And that may actually be something to consider in skill sets in the future if it does end up getting implemented.