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fair enough



Ok think of this resist like necryx elemental white spell. Except it only applies to one tower and is gone after it absorbs the damage and effect. Necryx is not unbeatable, he is still very effective due to his skill set but not unbeatable. This resist effect would be much less of an advantage as that spell.



I saw the original.

I do agree about balance of bases vs dragons and that needs to be umm tweaked.

The main point here is that I’m trying to bring a relevance to resists vs it being a useless slot that is filled up and doesn’t add to the spellset. It’s something that the GPF could use to do some tweaking or balancing of dragons, it would also maybe help people go for warriors again if they we’re designed around major resists, not just given ridiculous spell set.

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cough Valens cough

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So what your saying is that, for example, if a dark flak supershot hits you, it would still do damage but wouldn’t stun. If that’s the case, then it kinda like the idea, but maybe instead of a full invulnerability to a tower’s supershot, maybe the effects could be reduced. For example, if a dark flak supershot hits you, you would only be stunned for 1 second or .75 seconds or .50 seconds.

Off topic: Didn’t resists used to reduce damage by 75%? Or was that just me.

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If implemented with the intent of the OP, I like this variation best. Makes the most sense.



I did think of this as well, and I do like it.

I also figured that it may be quite hard to program in regards to runes added, and how could you only break 70% of an invincibility shield? Stuff like that led me to post just a straight up immunity, aka a toggle may be the easiest way to implement this if it caught traction. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also it’s always been 70%



Maybe they could add some abilities to other resists as well.

Ballista resist - Immunity to poison

Electro Flak Resist - Decreases damage from flaks charged by electro flak and electro flak itself.

IDK, just a thought or two



Very much agreed. The prospect of the “enhanced” Ice Flak resist alone is borderline terrifying :sweat_smile:

Edit: I original statement makes it seem like I might be opposed to the entire idea; I am not. I am unsure if I 100% support it yet, but I’m certainly interested and in no hurry at all to dismiss.



Yeah those would be part of the “etc” that I didn’t feel like detailing out.

Anyways just wanted to get the idea out there and people talking about it. Right now it doesn’t make any difference in a spell set, and I think it would be a fun and functional way to put some variety back into dragons vs base setups.



So how about this little twist: Instead of the crappy resist runes and glyphs that reduce damage a little - how about modifying existing and/or creating new runes and glyphs to augment the resists to include incremental reductions of SS effects - up to complete immunity (on expert Legendary and Mythic).

I admit I haven’t thought the idea through, so there are flaws, such as how to incrementally reduce cannon supershot breaking shields - but just throwing out the concept.

Either way, I like the idea of a slight tweak in mechanics that (hopefully) won’t have a bunch of people whining because this got augmented, or that got nerfed, etc … not that I really believe such a thing s possible :rofl:



While I’ve always thought resists should have effected SS so agree with your main look to change this.

I don’t get this part.

Resists really come in handy for rage regen periods where your dragon is flying slow.



I’m not sure that it makes sense to totally block the abilities but I agree it should do something.

Dark flak stun is actually more important than the damage.

As is fire flak damage reduction, ice flak spell removal.

Currently we rely on cloak and other damage avoiding spells to dodge supershots and consumables like summon warrior to absorb. I’m not sure I think anything should be eliminated but I could see the stun time reduction by 70%, or fireflak damage reduction reduces by 70%.

The thing that bugs me the most is why isn’t there a consumable for all possible resists? Not the multiple ones like elemental, but why can’t we equip a fire flak resist. It would improve strategy a ton.


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