Resistance on dragons in combination with riders

It was always clear that a rune on a dragon will support his resistance. So equipping a wrong rune won‘t take a effect…
So my big question is: do i have to take a rider with Same resistance on a dragon, or will the rider add a resistance? And if he does will equipping the dragon with a rune depending on the riders resistance take effect in total? Rider stats are visual, dragons stats are not…even after equipping them with runes. This is very confusing for me and I would love to see stats on dragons, too. Pretty sure a lot of people are just guessing Arnd it would be a great help to know or even better…to see the changes in stats depending on runes and riders on the dragon

Simply put, why bother? If the innate resist is 0% does adding 2-5% really feel beneficial enough to not give to a dragon with 70% resist that can make use of the extra benefit?


But if the rider adds 5% and u ad a mystical or legendary rune it could make a diffrence. So I am curious about that…especially what kind of effect it really has…

The rune won’t effect a dragon without the resist, still you would only benefit from the rider (((if))) it works, but pg has said before runes don’t work that way

Ok thanks… still unsure if the rider needs the same res. But I thought adding the runes will not take effect… still think a stat on dragons would be a major improvement. It’s in most build up games for a reason.

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