Resource and Chest issues

Getting swirls that never end after a clearing a player base. It has persisted for minutes.

Another team member did not get speedups rewarded from a gold chest.

This seems to be kind or regular happenings with events.

Yeah not getting any resources for attacks, did like 50 and 0 income :slight_smile:

It’s regular server delays
Just reload few times and you’ll get all your stuff
Annoying but fixable

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This is certainly not regular. It is extremely rare. But thx for the reply

Not going to bump the thread but I still have not received an actual response. @Arelyna

To be honest, I have pretty much zero faith in CS. First report I ever made they had no clue what the issue was and just grabbed at straws by having me delete and reinstall the game yet that did not work then told me I had to create a new ticket to get results.

Funny thing is, that issue was merely that DFs and ITs did not count as defense towers so it was pretty simply a coding error but CS had no clue.

This was happening to me a lot yesterday after the event started. I force closed the app and went back into it and my wood/food counts would go up as well as anything that I got from gold chests. Hopefully that works for others as well and it’s fixed soon because it can cause you to loose your wood if you have to force close between attacks.

Every single time one has to force their game closed and open it to see what they got.

It really should not be that hard for PG to figure out what they broke this time is my point but being how quiet they have been about this it seems they are content with inconveniencing players like this since we have a work around.

@Arelyna Does PG have anything to say on the matter? Have received only the auto response from my ticket and that was set last night.

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Oh I 1000% agree with you there. This should be fixed ASAP because it’s not a fun way to play when you have to force close to get the rss you need to update your building during an event that focuses on upgrading.

And that is my point ATM that PG has not even acknowledged the issue from what I can see, including CS not responding to the ticket, when it is an issue the directly impacts the current event. It is a disappointment

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