Resource Boosts and Upgrading Storage Question

I couldn’t find the answer to this so figured I’d just ask. If I have a food (or wood) production boost active and I then begin upgrading the storage hut, will the boost be cancelled or does it keep running until it expires?

Also a question of probably a dumber note but while I have this going if you have a boost active, and then use another boost (of the same resource) does the 24 hours reset? I’m assuming the times don’t stack, but that’d be cool if they did.

Hope I made sense there! Thanks guys, happy new year.

The latter.

It won’t let you

Thank you!

Sorry it was so blunt, I was getting attacked as I was finishing up!

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I have successfully started a storage upgrade with a boost going. Boost stays active but you can’t apply another unless upgrade is done. I usually do this towards the end of fort events

I did the same thing. It was very useful.

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