Resource Conservation Pack Conversion

Some players have a surplus of a lot of things in the game that they cannot do much with, either due to oversupply or inequality; let’s narrow this perspective down to conservation/production packs.

Presently, some players have more of one pack type than the other, and most of these players find that it’s actually the opposite resource requiring the most protection from raids (at least in their experiences), thence it would only make sense if those players were provided the ability to convert their conservation packs into something of use at a particular moment.

FOOD … processing change … LUMBER

LUMBER … processing change … FOOD

Once the conversion is complete, you’re free to assign one of any sort to be your Guardian Angel for the following 24 hours; no limits, no inconvenient trends, just the blessing of conversion. :angel:t5::dove:


It would be amazing if they made an option to convert packs. As my inventory looks a lot like the one posted above. No wood boosts ever.


Good idea, realistically probably won’t be implemented.
However an easy fix would be to have it once per season in the trading post with 100 conversions.

I don’t mind the mystic frag conversion that are also in the trading post but they should also limit it to once per season

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